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When we started She In The CLE in 2015, our mission was to create a forum where women in the Cleveland area could drive conversations with purpose. For the past two years, we’ve been able to showcase unique voices and drive conversations that matter to the women of Cleveland.

However, one thing we didn’t anticipate was the number of women who had stories to tell, but for one reason or another, weren’t able to share their identity publicly. Whether it’s due to their job or the delicate nature of the story, many women simply don’t feel comfortable attaching their name to their post.

But these stories still matter. That’s why we’ve developed a new series called “She Speaks,” an anonymous blog that allows women to share their stories without revealing their identity. She Speaks is designed to give women who can’t share their names an equal voice in the important conversations we are having at She In The CLE.

How It Works

We will take submissions from a new email address ([email protected]) and post the blogs we select as “SHEnonymous.” All posts will be posted at the discretion of the She In The CLE team. We will monitor the submissions and post the stories that we feel will truly help add to a conversation or drive it forward.

All submissions must be written in a way that obscures all revealing details (names, specific locations, etc.) in order to protect the identities of anyone mentioned in the story.

What Will Not Get Posted

She Speaks is designed to make sure that all women’s voices are being heard. It is not a forum for passive aggressive bullying or anonymous bashing, of a person, group or company.

We will also not accept any stories that involve pending or closed and confidential legal cases. All posts must be original to the author and we will remove any posts that violate copyright infringement or are not appropriately attributed to the original source.

Questions? Send an email to [email protected]!

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I give a voice to the women who are concerned about sharing their story publicly. My mission is to give a voice to the women who want to start conversations, but who are concerned with sharing their identity, for one reason or another. My posts don’t reveal personal details that can identify particular people nor do I promote bullying or bashing others. I am designed to give women who can’t share their names an equal voice in the important conversations we are having at She In The CLE. Want me to share your story? Submit a post at [email protected].

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