blonde girl with hands under chin, #metoo movement

The Unpopular Opinion of #MeToo

I am a white, millennial woman. I am a fierce feminist. I voted for Hillary. I have ALWAYS supported other women—and always will. I DESPISE Trump—and everything he stands for. …..I am...

Corey Minor Smith, living with mental illness in the family

History with a Twist

Election Day, November 7, 2017, is a day that history was made in Canton, OH. I received the most votes in a six candidate race, and I am the first African American to be elected to Canton...

woman with curly hair, embracing minimalism

Embracing Impermanence

When I first started this minimalist experiment a few months back, I wasn’t sure how it would go. I have always loved organizing, rearranging and giving things away to friends and family...

Creating Socially Aware Teens

Were it not for today’s teens, I feel I would have no purpose. Sure, I’m a wife, a daughter and sister but for the majority of my day I am surrounded by teenagers who I think actually...

Family photo before dealing with death and grief

The Year

In March 2017, my best friend Heidi died from cancer. In May 2017, my paternal grandmother passed away from Alzheimer’s. In November 2017, my Uncle Greg committed suicide. In January...

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