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She In The CLE is a blogger collective whose mission is to raise the visibility and voices of women through purposeful conversations. At She In The CLE, we believe in the power in the female voice, amplifying never dictating what it says as well as collaborating and lifting each other up instead of competition.

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strategy photo, Carey jaros

Women In Action: Carey Jaros

I’m excited to introduce, Carey Jaros, Chief Strategy Officer at GOJO Industries — inventor of PURELL® Instant Hand Sanitizer, Surface Spray, and HEALTHY SOAP®. For over a decade...

woman at laptop, how to survive being fired

Fun, Fearless and….Fired?

There’s a restaurant in Lakewood, Ohio called Angelo’s. Odds are if you live in Cleveland you already know it’s the best damn pizza in The Land. I’ve looked at their...

hustle on mug

The Hustle Comparison Trap

Social media envy is real. We see people’s photos and content and logically, we know it’s the edited and filtered version of their lives. And yet – we fall easily into feeling their...

classroom desk, Lannie Davis

Women In Action: Lannie Davis

For my next Women in Action blog, I’m excited to introduce, Lannie Davis, President at Julie Billiart Schools, a school that nurtures and empowers students with special learning...

Empowered Women Empower Women

Empowered Women Empower Women This is something I have been looking a lot at lately, as well as trying to define what this looks like. I seem to continue to encounter women who believe the...

three women looking at the water, women competing against other women

I’m Part of the Problem 

I’m a feminist. I support and encourage women. I love seeing women succeed, climb the ladder and pursue their dreams. I feel connected to other women. They are all in my tribe. And...