Rachel Stallard

Rachel Stallard

After 15 years in the professional world, having three extremely active small children and married to a business owner, I quit cold turkey. Almost three years later I’m still trying to figure out this stay-at-home mom gig. Leveraging my masters in creative writing, I’m a freelance copywriter for digital and B2B consulting companies, which sometimes means typing into the wee hours of night. But writing and connecting with other bloggers on SheintheCLE keeps me connected and refuels my marketing tank. When I’m not moonlighting or running the kids to karate, I keep our sheep watered and come up with new ways to make our 35 acres a legacy for our children.


Keeping the Killer Clowns at Bay

“Mom, have you seen the movie It?” My first grader asked innocently on the way home from school. “Yes sweet pea, why did you ask me that?” “Gio has seen it. He told me about it during center time.” As I dismissed his inquiry he chirped on in the back seat about the boy’s yellow […]Read More »

Totes Ma Goat Yoga—It’s Really a Thing

It’s a trend hotter than pass the potato at a kid’s birthday party. But if you own farm animals, it’s a little hard to understand why people would pay money to stand barefoot in a pasture to exercise and pet your goats. But when in Rome or, in this case, your bright white barn—and you […]Read More »

I Am My Children’s First Impression

“So who takes care of all this?” It’s a question I get every time someone visits our home. The big house, 30 plus acres, farm animals, pond and three energetic kids tend to overwhelm people as they watch the sights and smells unfold in real time. “We do.” I answer. A little insulted that people […]Read More »

Be the Good, My Little First Grader

‘Do they have cameras to keep the bad guys out?’ It was a question I did not anticipate from my 6-year-old son. We were throwing the football as the sun set the last Saturday of summer. I had asked him if he was nervous about starting first grade at a new school on Monday. The […]Read More »

And Puppy Makes 28

“I mean are you building Noah’s arc over there?” It’s been three days since one of my beloved fellow mama bears posted that on my facebook wall and I STILL can’t stop laughing. Her comment was in reaction to my decision to adopt a rescue puppy. She’s the latest addition to our small farm just […]Read More »

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