Frequently Asked Questions

What is She In The CLE?

We are a blogger collective dedicated to driving conversations with purpose by women in the Cleveland area. She In The CLE provides a channel for women to engage and discuss topics at all levels from climbing the corporate ladder to sampling the best eats in the city to raising a family! Our mission isn’t about defining the conversations or topics – it’s all about creating a vibrant, virtual space that allows for networking, continual learning and storytelling.

Why is it called She In The CLE?

We are all about Cleveland, Ohio. We love our city and we want to show off the amazing talent and women that live, work and create in our community! One blog post at a time.

Who can contribute a blog post?

We strive to provide a platform for women in Cleveland. While we hope everyone in our community joins in the discussion by commenting or sharing our blog posts, we only publish posts by women who live in the Northeast Ohio region. We publish blogs from established bloggers and women who have never blogged or posted publicly before. The goal of our site is to remove the burden and often fear that can come along with creating a personal blog platform that is difficult to manage and maintain – so more people can engage in conversations with purpose!

Please note that at this time we are only taking submissions from women who currently reside in Northeast Ohio or have a connection to Northeast Ohio.

Are you looking for established bloggers?

Not necessarily. We are looking for great content! So wherever that comes from is fine by us. We hope that this platform will give women from all walks of life and all generations the chance to drive discussions that matter. We knew that creating a blog platform would take some of the burden away from many women who don’t know how to manage a full blog site. It can be very time-consuming. So our goal is to take the hassle out of blogging so the conversations can happen easily. Of course, we would love established bloggers to join in and to share their posts with us. It’s a great opportunity to reach a broader audience and we plan to always support local bloggers.

What type of blogs are you looking for?

Our goal is to not be overly limiting with topic choices but we also know that we do have to create some parameters so our readers can search for and focus on topics that are important to them. We have created five categories of interest that include:

  1. Lifestyle (Food, Fitness, Fashion, Relationships, etc.)
  2. Moms (All things kid and family related)
  3. She-Suite (Business focused – in and out of the Board room)
  4. Entrepreneurship (Start up and small business discussions)
  5. #ThisIsCle (All things related to what is happening in our community)

But most importantly, we aren’t looking for any type of blog that bashes other individuals or groups. While we fully expect to get emotionally charged content and powerful opinions – what we don’t stand for is bullying, bashing or any type of flat out meanness. Our blog is about propelling women forward – not pushing others down.

I already have a blog – Can I post my blogs on both sites?

We have no problem with you posting to both sites but our request is that you submit your entire blog to She In The CLE – even if you have published elsewhere before. You can simply add a line at the end of your blog that states where your original blog was posted and you can hyperlink it to your blog site.

How can I submit a blog post?

That’s easy! Click her to submit your information. There are guidelines for publishing but we aren’t about creating rules and boundaries. We are about creating dialogue with a purpose. There is a blind editorial review process to ensure that all of our published posts are appropriate.

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