Milestones for New Moms

When you have a baby, everyone is always inquiring about the milestones your kid is reaching: smiling, sitting up, crawling, clapping, waving, and on and on and on.

Those babies get all the glory.

Nine-plus months into new motherhood, I’ve hit a few “mom milestones” that all moms deserve applause for:

  • Every time YOU sleep through the night. Sure, it’s nice when the baby does it, but let’s be real…many nights, most moms are still waking up waiting for the baby to wake. And some moms get up in the middle of the night to pump even though the baby is sleeping soundly.
  • The first time you give your kid a toy that dropped on the floor without rinsing it off first. It took us a few months on this one, but now we just roll with it.
  • The first time you leave your kid with someone else at bedtime. This is kind of a serious one but just happened for me last night. We were so worried and the baby couldn’t have cared less. Which is….good?
  • Any time you put on an outfit you really want to wear and DON’T get spit up on. I know we have no control over this, but it still feels damn good.
  • The first time you forget about an important event at school/daycare…like picture day. Which happened to me on the baby’s FIRST EVER picture day. #momfail (We deserve applause for this because the world didn’t end and hopefully we remember that in the future.)
  • Any time you sit your butt on the couch during baby’s nap time. This is like mentally impossible for me and probably many of you – but we deserve it.

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Stephanie (Harig) Prause

Stephanie Prause is a corporate communications, sustainability communications and investor relations professional, juggling a career she thrives in with being a mom and wife. She is also passionate about staying active (as in, she’ll lose her mind otherwise). Other interests include sampling craft beers, cooking from scratch and reading voraciously (at least for about 20 minutes before she passes out mid-sentence).

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  • Yes to all of this! One of my favorite “mommy wins” is getting up before everyone in the house to make my coffee and get the day started so I can be calm and happy when I get our baby up. I’ve learned to cherish those little moments for yourself too!

  • What a thoughtful perspective for a new mom. After three kids I’ve really never thought about my own milestones with them. But this really got me thinking and made me feel a little better about where I’m at as a mom. I’ll add to the list: the first time I didn’t cringe when my kid dressed herself. Because oh my she typically look homeless when this happens…but I only have to dress two out of three SO milestone achieved!

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