Lindsey Geiss

Lindsey Geiss

Lindsey Geiss is a public relations and crisis communications planning professional turned stay-at-home mom and writer. When she’s not handling local early childhood PTA publicity, she’s getting crafty with the kids, researching allergy-friendly toddler food, or planning the next family outing. Lindsey is a fashion lover, shoe collector, jump rope enthusiast and recovering perfectionist. She lives on the West side of Cleveland with her husband and two young children.


Teal is the New Orange: Seriously, Hear Me Out.

Let’s make halloween less scary (and more fun) for kids with food allergies! I’m a holiday traditionalist. I break out the mums and pumpkins on the first of October and unpack the heirloom ornaments while Ohio State (hopefully) puts away Michigan on the football field each November. When it comes to trick-or-treating, I love candy […]Read More »

How to Check Mackinac Island Off Your Travel Bucket List in Six Steps

Mackinac Island, Michigan (pronounced “mackinaw”) seems to be a common location on the bucket lists of friends I’ve talked to since my mid-summer trip there. Named one of the Top Ten Islands in the World by Conde Nast Traveler and referred to as the “all natural theme park of America” by, the island covers […]Read More »

Dear Serendipity: A Thank You Note

Dear Serendipity, You made a really sweet romantic comedy, tasty Upper East Side treat and lively Lee DeWyze melody. You’ve also been so good to me. Remember how you crossed my path with that of a new college professor and a rising young professional, leading to an internship then my first real job? How about […]Read More »

Taking a One Tank Trip Back in Time to Ohio’s Amish Country

Want to explore outside the city limits, but not venture too far from The Land we love? Head just one to two hours south or east of Cleveland’s burbs and you’ll find a place where the pace is a bit slower, fields are wide open and rockers line porches. I’ve learned Ohio’s Amish Country isn’t […]Read More »

Lessons From Female Spies During the Revolutionary War: Eight Traits to Strive for Today

I wouldn’t consider myself an American history buff. I lack the recall for specific dates and facts. I’m more of an old soul with an appreciation for Americana. I find romance in it. Maybe it’s the long dresses and coiffed hair, the unique sense of community and purpose, architecture or slower pace of life. I’m […]Read More »

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Lindsey is a public relations and crisis communications professional turned stay-at-home mom of two and writer. An avid shopper, she loves finding and wrapping that ideal gift, planning themed kids’ birthday parties, and slowly turning into the woman who lived in her shoe (closet). She blogs about motherhood, food allergy mom life and other lifestyle topics.