Katelyn Stiver

Katelyn Stiver

Katelyn Stiver is a marketing professional at a venture development organization. She has a passion for learning, a love for online shopping and an aversion to small talk. A proud introvert, she tends to be a homebody, but will never turn down the opportunity for a good conversation (except if it’s on the phone). While she lives in Akron with her husband and adorable pup, she loves working in Cleveland and treasures her commute as it allows her uninterrupted alone time.


I Think I’m Too Old For Taylor Swift

I, like millions around the world, anxiously awaited Taylor Swift’s new single. I’ve always enjoyed her music – even the ones that are explicitly slamming someone. Then “Look What You Made Me Do” dropped. It was catchy and the theme was in line with what you would probably expect – she’s using her personal experience […]Read More »

I Get To Eat All The Bread (And Other Reasons I Do Things Alone)

Nobody wants to be alone. Even as an introvert, I don’t want to be by myself all the time. It’s easier (and more fun) to go out and do things with friends, family and the people you love. But there’s value in doing things alone, especially for women. It forces you out of your comfort […]Read More »

The First Blog Post Is The Hardest

Putting yourself out there can be terrifying – especially in a public format like a blog. I remember when I submitted my first post to She in the CLE. I was scared out of my mind. What if people disagree with what I wrote? Or absolutely hate it? Or what if no one reads it […]Read More »

If It Makes You Happy, Why Are You So Sad?

Like most young women, I used to devour women’s magazines. Glamour, Lucky, SELF, Shape, Marie Claire, InStyle, Vogue, US Weekly, People – you name it, I probably read or subscribed to it. I would happily spend Saturday and Sunday mornings reading these magazines cover to cover. With each new issue came the possibility that I […]Read More »

In the Era of Fake News, Is theSkimm Really the Problem?

A Slate article titled “The Skimm Is the Ivanka Trump of Newsletters” came out recently. In it, the author slams theSkimm, a daily newsletter targeted toward 20-and 30-something year old women, for providing digestible news pieces in a tone that’s equivalent to “verbal eye rolls.” According to the author, the mere existence of such a […]Read More »

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