Jennifer Picciano

Jennifer Picciano

Jen Picciano is an Emmy winning television news reporter for WOIO-TV, the host of The Cleveland Feed on Q104 FM, a wife, mom, cook book junkie and wanna-be chef. She hates wasting food and loves getting creative in the kitchen. Bringing you access to premiere chefs and news in the food world. Reviewing new cooking-related products and services. Living life with a mic in her hand and a pencil behind her ear…or with an apron on, cooking for those she loves.


Making, keeping, and Letting Go of Friends At Any Age

We girls can be a tough crowd. Whether we are 5 or 55, establishing and nurturing friendships can be difficult. I was reminded of this as my daughter started kindergarten. She is outgoing, friendly and generally up for anything- a perfect recipe for making friends. Yet she came home disappointed nearly everyday the first week […]Read More »

Keep Dating Your Spouse

Did you think you were done with dating when you got married? Not so. I’m not suggesting you go fill out a new online dating profile.  But resist the urge to mail it in once the honeymoon is over. I’m ten years in to my relationship with my husband.  Seven years married.  Are we the same […]Read More »

Summer Date Night Ideas

Don’t default to dinner and a movie all summer long.  Northeast Ohio is full of great summertime date night options.  If you get a night away from the kids, are exploring a new relationship, or maybe double dating with friends, think about these fun ways to spend a summer evening. Game night One of my favorite things […]Read More »

Playdate Vetting

How well do you know your kids’ friends and their parents? How well should you? My youngest daughter (3) was recently invited to a classmate’s house for a playdate.  The child’s mother put a cute note in her mailbox.  “______ would like to invite Julia over to her house for a play date.  Her mom’s […]Read More »

Secrets to Faking it as Super Mom

The term Super Mom makes me uncomfortable. It’s a lofty label to achieve. I’m not perfect, nor do I strive to be.  I just try to make the most out of every day, and go to bed at night knowing I’ve done the best for my family. I recently had the honor of being featured […]Read More »

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