I Actually Like My Desk Job, Thank You Very Much

One thing I really love about being part of the millennial generation is that we’re changing the work place. We don’t want to view our jobs as “work,” we want to love what we do and feel fulfilled in our chosen careers.

But somehow this has translated into the idea that working at a traditional company or “having a desk job” can’t fulfill this notion. I’ve seen articles about finding a career that isn’t “another desk job,” or I’ve seen people post that what they’re doing is #betterthanadeskjob. And I have friends and family who have talked about how having a desk job is the worst thing they could ever imagine.

Well, I have a desk job and I love it.

My desk job, and all the ones I’ve had in the past, has given me incredible experiences (I’ve gotten to go to the Sundance Film Festival twice and ride around the Circuit of Americas in a luxury car – how’s that for exciting?). I’ve met incredibly talented people through these jobs and they’ve helped me become the person I want to be.

My desk jobs have been incredibly fulfilling because I chose a job that I’m passionate about and I didn’t let the fact that it was in an office and that I had to be there at a certain time stand in my way.

True, many companies are still trying to figure out how to incorporate these “millennial values” into their culture, but there are many companies working toward making their office environment more fun and changing what it means to have a “desk job.”

But what I would hate is for our generation and those after it to think that working in an office means you won’t get to do what you love or that you’re missing out on an experience because you’re not doing something that other people aren’t doing. That’s not the case at all.

There are pros and cons with any line of work you go into, but the most important thing is to figure out what fulfills you and to do what makes you happy. And if you have to work at an office in order to do that, then so be it. It can actually be pretty fun.

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Katelyn Stiver

Katelyn Stiver is a marketing professional at a venture development organization. She has a passion for learning, a love for online shopping and an aversion to small talk. A proud introvert, she tends to be a homebody, but will never turn down the opportunity for a good conversation (except if it’s on the phone). While she lives in Akron with her husband and adorable pup, she loves working in Cleveland and treasures her commute as it allows her uninterrupted alone time.

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