How to Use Your Internet Stalking Skills to Ace an interview

We all do it. I know you do it. I’ve done it.

Internet Stalking. The shameful sleuthing through an internet profile to gain information about an unsuspecting subject. How Dare You?!

Okay, it’s not that serious. That’s what social media is for, right? Right?

Anyway, internet stalking is fun, mostly harmless, and requires a lot of time (and practice). But, have you ever thought about that you could do if you used your skills for good instead of evil?

How about using that special skill set to prepare for an interview for your dream job? Here’s how!

Instead of Instagram, try LinkedIn

You could spend your whole day looking through your ex-best friend’s Instagram and wondering why she sucks so much now (obviously because you aren’t in her life). But, an even better alternative is looking up your potential boss on LinkedIn.

When I am preparing for an interview, I like to look up the person who is interviewing me. Not only does it give me a little insight on the company and possibly more on the job I’d be doing, but LinkedIn shows you who is looking at your page. This shows my employer that I am eager to learn about them and am doing my research beforehand.

It doesn’t hurt to also follow the company page on LinkedIn. Learn a few things about the company and what they do. Display that you show initiative and you’ve got this interview in the bag!

Don’t Go Through His Facebook, Go Through Yours!

What is the first thing you do when you meet a new guy? Scroll through his entire Facebook page. I will admit that I looked through my boyfriend’s entire Facebook when we started dating. Not my proudest moment, but I’ve done it.

We can find anything on a guy’s profile, but when’s the last time we gave our own a look? Is that photo your friend tagged you in during freshman year where you’re doing a keg stand at that random fraternity house that you barely remember still showing up in your album?

If you’re interviewing, I highly suggest that you give your social media a good scrub. Get rid of partying photos, inappropriate statuses, and anything that does not shine a flattering light on you.

Even if your page is private, things can still pop up like old posts that were public before you went private. That will be the first thing people see when they search your page because recent stuff is private. So, it’s better to just get rid of it than trust privacy settings. Also, no one really cares about your old college memories but you.

Stop Looking at What He’s Liked, Look for What You Like

Before I get into this one, I just want to say that if you are looking into what your boyfriend does on social media, you may not be in a healthy relationship. So, please keep that in mind.

Okay, so you’ve literally seen all your boyfriend’s Instagram likes. I’m sure it wasn’t too productive. Instead, prepare for an interview by seeing what you’d like to wear to show off how professional and stylish you are.

I’m sure (more like hope) that you don’t go overboard with your internet sleuthing. It’s a common thing that most people do. But, you don’t want to go to far with your stalking, especially when there are some great things you can be using your skills for instead.

Tell me in the comments how you prepare for an interview. Take notes? Practice with a friend? Let me know!

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Brittney Moffatt

Brittney Moffatt is a social media and marketing specialist from Cleveland, Ohio. I’m one part pink, sparkles, and girly things. One part nerd who loves writing and play the Sims. And one part black lipstick, rock concerts, and vans. But, all parts fun, ambitious, and dedicated to helping young women!

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