Beth Funari Sims

Beth Funari Sims

Beth is a Sports Performance Trainer who specializes in working with women and kids. A health and wellness junkie who enjoys helping others reach their personal goals.
She previously worked in Publishing/Journalism, and loves combining her passion for wellness with writing. She’s into cooking, whipping up healthy cocktails, reading in bed, discussing women’s issues, and spending time with her husband, and one-year-old daughter.
Beth relocated to Cleveland from NYC a few years ago, and now is happy to call CLE home. Stay connected to Beth on Instagram @FitnessBeth, or email at [email protected]

Infertility & Getting Pregnant – When “Give it Time” Isn’t the Answer

The irony of my story is I can still remember when I was terrified of pregnancy. Though I was responsible, and secretly trucked to planned parenthood with a friend in high school for birth control long before I ever lost my virginity, I suppose my very Catholic upbringing instilled some fear in me. You have […]Read More »

What Is Healthy Living, Really?

The term healthy living is thrown around fairly often these days.  It’s a label some of us put on our own lifestyle, or maybe one we’re working towards. Admittedly, as an Athletic Trainer and Wellness writer, I’m all about that healthy living. And, I’ll also admit this is a topic that gets me slightly fired […]Read More »

Social Media & The Body Image Comparison Trap

Clearly most of us are on social media these days. We Facebook, tweet, instagram or snapchat. We are exposed to hundreds of thousands of images daily. We all do it – that mindless idle scrolling, the quick pop-in that somehow becomes a 30+ minute time suck blur. Take Instagram for example, sometimes we take a […]Read More »

Beth is a seasoned Health & Fitness Professional. She works with people from ages 7 to 85. Her clients range from experienced athletes to those who’ve never seen the inside of a gym. She specializes in athletic training, prenatal, and postpartum fitness. Shoot her an email at [email protected] to learn more.

Beth loves combining her two passions – writing and health.
She’s constantly investigating the latest wellness trends, and deciphering what’s legit, and what’s propaganda.

She gets anxious when she’s still for too long. She can’t stand littering, and lives to travel.

As a newish Mom she’s still wondering if that elusive work/life balance exists.