Ainsley Allen

Ainsley Allen

Ainsley is a teenage girl who currently lives with her family in Olmsted Falls, Ohio. Ainsley loves big cities, pretty sunsets and cute dogs. She fills her time by dancing, reading good books and singing in the shower. Ainsley hopes to pursue a career in journalism and write for a women’s magazine. Until then however, she is just working on making it through high school.

5 Promises I’ve Broken This School Year and It’s Only Freakin’ October

“This year is going to be different,” I said. “I am going to turn my life around,” I said. Hah, I’m wishing I had bitten my tongue because these promises lasted about as long as my Summer tan…approximately 8 minutes. 1.) “I’m going to take a shower every morning.” Lemme just walk you through a […]Read More »

A Million Different Worlds

I don’t have a favorite book. I haven’t been apart of the cliche where I read a text that redirects my entire view on the world. I have tried to find one, trust me I’ve tried, but no novel or poem seems to do the job. The day just hasn’t come yet when someone asks […]Read More »

Getting Out of the Shadows

As of recently I realized that I was sick of feeling like I was constantly in the shadow of the people I loved. They were all finding success doing their own thing, and I was stuck a few steps behind watching them flourish. I found myself doing activities not because I enjoyed them, but rather […]Read More »

This Blog Wrote Itself

It has been three hours… three hours of my life have been spent locked in my room staring at this computer screen, trying to write this blog post. I have moved from the desk, to the floor, to the kitchen, and back upstairs to my bed. First I was lying on my stomach, then I […]Read More »

How Little Comments Actually Impact a Girl’s Self-esteem

Hey everyone, I know that this isn’t my usual format but stay with me because hopefully I am going to make it worth your time. This month, I’ve decided to let my blog post stray from its normal lightheartedness and instead get a little more serious. About a week or so ago I posted a […]Read More »

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Ainsley is a teenager who spends her time dancing and singing in places that aren’t always appropriate to dance and sing (such as the aisles of Target). She loves sunsets (but not so much sunrises as she’s not a morning person) and feels the need to pet any dog that crosses her path. Ainsley has been told she is the master of deep talks, good hugs, and making cookie dough.

Ainsley blogs monthly about her daily life as a teenage girl growing up in the 21st century. She writes from her heart and tries her hardest to make sure every post feels like the reader is simply having a conversation with her. Being a teenager isn’t easy and she uses her point of view to make her writing relatable to younger readers.