Why Aren’t You Listening To Podcasts?

If you’re like me, you spend most of your life in a car. Either on your way to work, kid’s events, dinners and so it goes. And with the RNC construction doubling our commutes each way – I have found an amazing tool to keep me up-to-date, laughing, crying and learning. PODCASTS! They are amazing.

Now, to be honest – plenty of days I simply blare Beyonce’s Lemonade, but for the most part, I try desperately to not waste my time in the car. I look at each commute as a chance to learn something and find I get less frustrated by the minutes that I waste humming along at 5 miles per hour through construction zones.

My family is used to it – they know if they call me during one of my drives, I typically am annoyed and short because I want to get back to the voice blaring through my bluetooth.

And while I love some of the popular ones like This American Life – there are so many out there now that are gems.

Now I know many people are a bit intimidated to dive into podcasts or find it challenging deciding where to start. So, I created a quick list to give you some pointers. I polled my friends to make sure I wasn’t missing any of the really good ones. I broke them out by category for easy skimming.

Information Overload (the inner geek)

  • Stuff You Missed In History Class — So I will admit, history isn’t my strong point, but luckily for me, hosts Tracy Wilson and Holly Frey are here to give a lesson in history you won’t want to snore through. From interesting topics like George Washington’s to an explanation of where pizza came from, this is history with a flare that is sure to entertain.
  • Stuff You Should Know —Tune in to Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant as they deliver a fascinating commentary on all the stuff you should know. From LSD and survival cannibalism to myths about tornados and how The Big Bang Theory works, these two will erase any frustration from your morning commute – and leave you wanting more. Between the unique topics and witty banter, you’ll be thinking about the world around you in a whole new light.
  • Freakonomics — Not an economist? No worries! Host Steven Dubner is in the business of turning even the most mundane topics into something extraordinary. Listeners cannot rave enough. From market trends and financial decisions to leadership in business, Dubner brings you the most relevant information to help you go about your day, all while blowing your mind. If you’re in search for a thought provoking and entertaining listen, look no further.

It’s A Girl Thing (stuff about the ladies)

  • Stuff Mom Never Told You— Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin candidly chat about what it’s really like to be a woman from every perspective. Both hosts have done their homework to bring you clever and sharp expertise on all things women and shed light on the stuff your mom may have left out.
  • Lady Gang — Get ready to become obsessed with three new women – hosts Keltie knight, Jac Vanek and Becca Tobin. Oh, and get ready to laugh! Each week you get a front row seat with the gang and a celebrity guest. Listen as guests answer questions from #AskTheLadyGang and get an exclusive look into the lives of Hollywood’s rich and fabulous.
  • Women of the Hour — Lena Dunham talks with different women about bodies, work, friendship, love and many other topics. So far, she has hosted Zadie Smith, Janet Mock, Emily Ratajkowski and Jemima Kirke. Emma Stone and June Squibb also pop in to offer advice, like how to politely call someone a misogynistic p%$ck (episode 4).
  • Bitch Sesh— This podcast dissects episodes of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in insane detail. The analysis by Casey Wilson and Danielle Schneider are on point and obsessive fans tune in to catch nuances they may have missed.
  • Call Your Girlfriend– How can you not get a crush on Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow as they candidly speak about social issues, their periods and their poop? This long distance friendship turned podcast reminds us of the importance of sisterhood, and all the ridiculous (and super important) conversations that come along the way. From feminism to fashion, their banter and wonderful conversation leaves us wanting more…always.

Hodge Podge (for the heck of it):

  • Here’s The Thing – Here’s something funny – this is Alec Baldwin, not being funny! He is truly interviewing people and if you can get his other characters out of your head,  you will truly enjoy his interviewing style with guests that range from famous actors and TV hosts to artists, successful entrepreneurs, politicians and so many more. This isn’t your average interview though. In each episode, Baldwin follows his guests through their daily life to learn their REAL story—what makes them tick and what keeps them awake at night.
  • Serial – This podcast is hosted by Sarah Koenig, first released in October 2014 as a spin-off of the radio program This American Life. Sarah and her team use investigative journalism and narrates a nonfiction story over one full season (multiple episodes). The first series was about the murder of a high school girl and dissecting if her ex-boyfriend (who was arrested and jailed for the murder) is actually guilty. In her next series, she tackles the controversial trial and story about Bowe Bergdah. This one satisfies my inner detective – and I never miss a podcast!

So there you have it – a fun list (at least by my standards) to start with. I’m sure I’m missing some amazing ones so populate the comment section with your suggestions so I can expand my podcast list … and keep my road rage at bay!

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Amy Martin

Amy Martin realized early on through personality quizzes and Myers-Briggs tests that she falls in the category of “extreme extrovert,” which explains why she is very rarely alone. She resides in Westlake with her husband and two kids and is a bit of an adrenaline junkie and thrill seeker. Amy has conquered skydiving, repelling and white water rafting and is constantly seeking new ways to scare her kids into a bonding moment!

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  • I ❤️ Garance Dore’s Pardon My French- she’s an IG fashion blogger/influencer turned author who interviews a lot of fashion people but does it in a fun, conversational way. She also frequently comments on the differences between Europeans and Americans which I always find fascinating! Her charming accent doesn’t hurt either!

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