What You Should Check Out In: May

Here comes the sun!!!!! (d-doo-doodoo). We’ve made it to May everyone and the summer countdown has officially begun. So let’s get to it and enjoy CLE’s long overdue sunshine. Now go cross your fingers, toes and everything in between and pray that me saying that didn’t just jinx our chances of keeping the warmth around (I’m serious folks).


This is Where it Ends ~ By: Marieke Nijkamp

This is Where it Ends by Marieke Nijkamp takes place over the span of 54 minutes when a strategically calculated school shooting planned by a student whose only want is violent revenge turns a normal day at Opportunity High School into a living nightmare. Using the perspectives of four different students, all who have frayed relationships to the shooter themselves, Nijkamp walks the reader through a gripping and emotional novel which echoes real life situations that take place in society today.

I bought this book on a whim with an old and kinda sticky (gross I know) Barnes and Noble gift card. I had picked it up while waiting in the store for my friend to get her coffee and I decided to get it, honestly I hadn’t willingly read a book in forever so it was about time. That decision should be proof that going with your gut is always the right decision because I was not let down in the slightest. The plot begins right off the bat and the dark subject matter dragged me in immediately. All four narrators are extremely relatable and each of them so diverse from the other that I could get a sense of the situation from many different angles. The characters often reflected back on stories that were important to the plot so I also was able to learn about each character’s past and their background, which led to a strong connection with each person. The novel was extremely realistic and did not hold any details back no matter how disturbing or scary. While this may not be for everyone, I valued this approach because it continuously reminded me of the seriousness of a situation like this one and how even though this wasn’t a true story, this is something that actually happens. This is Where it Ends, was a impactful book full of loyalty, bravery, friendship, and real world love that left me heartbroken (but in a good way ya know?).


E.l.f Instant Lift Brow Pencil

Gotta give a quick shoutout to the Easter Bunny for this one (thanks mom you rock). This thing is awesome!!!! My brows weren’t scarce to begin with and I am actually really proud of them considering I have never had them professionally done, I’m a wimp oops. However, this pencil worked wonders and it was seriously the easiest thing ever. All it takes is 2 very simple steps:

  1. Color in your brow with the pencil – while doing this I had flashbacks to being 5 and concentrating really really hard on coloring in the lines because I didn’t want to screw up, similar feeling.
  2. Take the adorable little brush on the other side of the pencil and brush out your brows – Surprisingly brushing your brows is very enjoyable.. Who woulda thunk?

Complete those two snappy steps and BAM your brows look like they just took the most amazing nap and are now incredibly refreshed. Not to mention they will also look fuller and cleaner. Plus, with summer coming up, this little tool gives your brows a natural vibe that is perfect for days when you just to go lighter on the makeup or even ditch it entirely. Did I mention that it’s only $2.00. While that might not matter to everyone, to a girl whose paycheck consists of the change her parents forget to ask back for when she borrows money, it’s very important.


I decided to keep it pretty upbeat this month in the music category to send some good omens to mother nature. I included some of my fav older country tracks (Something Like That – Tim McGraw) and threw in some popular hits from upcoming artists (Issues – Julia Michaels) and mixed them with some songs that make you wanna roll your windows down and dance (HandClap – Fitz and The Tantrums). So go ahead and give this month’s playlist a listen, have fun jamming ya’ll.

Keep an ear out for some of my favorite tunes this month:

  • Woke up in Nashville ~ Seth Ennis
  • Bad Reputation ~  Shawn Mendes
  • Stay ~ Zedd, Alessia Cara
  • Hard Times ~ Paramore

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Ainsley is a 15 year old girl who currently lives with her mom, dad and sister in Olmsted Falls, Ohio. Throughout her nine years of schooling she quickly learned that while she is an all-around smart girl, her real talents lie in reading and writing. Ainsley is very involved in her community is a cheerleader, competitive dancer and an active member in student council.

Ainsley has always had a love for the arts. While she can’t sing a note to save her life, she enjoys dancing, reading good books, writing short stories and listening to different types of music. In the past year she has discovered a love for fashion and enjoys experimenting and playing around with clothes. Her other interests include going on adventures with her best friends, spending time with her beagle Tess (who she loves more than life) and making cookie dough.

When she gets older Ainsley wants to pursue a career in fashion journalism or write for a women’s magazine (or start her own because why not). She also hopes to travel the world and have as many new experiences as possible. Until then though, she’s just working on getting her driver’s license and passing bio.

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