What You Should Check Out In: February

Reaching February means that 2017 is officially in full swing. We’re out of the honeymoon phase of the year, aka January, where all resolutions seemed possible and you were still loving the snow (yay, cute winter hats!). Now comes the month where you finally stop putting yourself through the torture of that juice cleanse, and start daydreaming about spring break. So, to keep your mind from wandering too far down a beach in Punta Cana, here are a couple things you should check out that’ll keep your February moving right along.

btw – I’m a big fan of gifs (;

  • Movies:
    • A Dog’s Purpose
    • Personal rating – ★★★★ ½ (4.5 stars)
    • Brief summary – This movie follows a loyal dog through his journey of many different lives as he attempts to discover the purpose of his existence. Along the way he crosses paths with kindred spirit Ethan, and their relationship leaves a lasting impression on both of their lives. Through a timeline of about 50 years the lovable canine (most frequently referred to as Bailey) touches the lives of multiple owners and in the end he finds his way back to Ethan proving that some bonds can never be broken.
    • Review – As a die hard dog lover I was excited to see this movie from the very beginning. Safe to say I was not disappointed in the slightest. The plot drew me in immediately and the relationship between Ethan (owner) and Bailey (dog) easily hit home for any dog owner. The movie had the perfect balance of funny moments and uplifting scenes as long as the slightest touches of action that made you tense on the edge of your seat. The movie did not fail to tug on the heartstrings either. I will openly admit to shedding some tears twice and full on sobbing once (and it should be noted that I don’t cry for humans in movies, it seem like dogs are my soft spot). Overall A Dog’s Purpose is a family friendly film that will make you laugh, possibly cry and give you a whole new appreciation for your furry best friend.

  • Television:
    • The Bachelor ~ Season 21 is officially up and running and Nick Viall is apparently ready to find love… again. Now I know it’s already many weeks in, but that means nothing in an age where binge watching is considered a talent and you can literally watch any episode, of any show, at anytime. There is still plenty of time to catch yourself up on everything you need to know. And before you jump in blindly, I’ll give you a quick little warning. You’re going to be constantly torn on whether to like Nick or despise Nick – which is completely normal and all of America has been dealing with that internal struggle for about three years. I will also guarantee that every episode will feel like a cringe worthy car crash that you just can’t seem to look away from, so grab your girlfriends (or boyfriends)  and sit your cute booty in a comfy couch every Monday night from 8:00-10:00pm on ABC.

  • Clothing:
      • Ankle boots ~ Forget about a little black dress, little brown booties are what you really need to grab this month. Speaking from experience they go with literally everything and you can dress them up or keep it casual. Comfort isn’t an issue either. The slight heel gives you the boost you want, without the sore foot that comes with most heels, and the cushioned sole prevents blisters. So whether it’s date night with the significant other, movie night with the besties, or presentation day at work, these shoes will keep you feeling confident and trendy.

      Check out this reasonably priced pair :

  • Music:
    • 2017 already looks promising in the music department and it’s only February. For example, we got Ed Sheeran back (thank god), John Legend releases yet another song that makes the whole world jealous of wife Chrissy Teigen (Love me Now), and The Chainsmokers have released a single that proves that their rise to the top of the charts that occurred last year isn’t stopping anytime soon (Paris).

      Rock out to this playlist all month long!

      And keep an eye (or should I say ear) out for some of my favorite jams:

      • Castle On A Hill – Ed Sheeran

      • Rockabye – Clean Bandit

      • What Ifs – Kane Brown

      • Now and Later – Sage the Gemini

      • Say You Won’t Let Go – James Arthur

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Ainsley is a 15 year old girl who currently lives with her mom, dad and sister in Olmsted Falls, Ohio. Throughout her nine years of schooling she quickly learned that while she is an all-around smart girl, her real talents lie in reading and writing. Ainsley is very involved in her school and is a cheerleader, track runner and an active member in student council.

Ainsley has always had a love for the arts. While she can’t sing a note to save her life, she enjoys dancing, reading good books, writing short stories and listening to different types of music. In the past year she has discovered a love for fashion and enjoys experimenting and playing around with clothes. Her other interests include going on adventures with her four best friends, spending time with her beagle Tess (who she loves more than life) and making cookie dough.

When she gets older Ainsley wants to pursue a career in fashion journalism or write for a women’s magazine (or start her own because why not). She also hopes to travel the world and have as many new experiences as possible. Until then though, she’s just working on getting her driver’s license and passing bio.

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