What No One Tells You About Your 30s

I panicked when I turned 30 a few years ago. As in full on, tantrum throwing meltdown. At the time, my 30-something friends would say things like ” Your 30s are great! You finally have credibility and you can afford to buy things!” Or they said “You’re really going to hit your stride in your career.” And while these are true statements, I wish someone had given me the cold hard truth about my 30s. So today, I’m sharing the things that no one will tell you.

  1. Hangovers are a B****: 20s hangovers are a walk in the park compared to 30s hangovers. In your 20s, you can just sleep until noon, go get some greasy food, and you will be ready to do it all over again that evening. In your 30s? You’ll be LUCKY if you have a 24 hour hangover. I’ve known of hangovers that last all weekend, and with way less alcohol consumption than in your 20s! You have to re-learn your limits and stick to them!
  2. Sleep sucks: You may want to sleep in so so desperately, but your body clock will have you wide awake at an absurd hour like 7 am on the weekends. Sleep just generally sucks in your 30s- you’re more likely to suffer from insomnia (those career strides) or you end up falling asleep at 8 pm on the couch, regularly. Try some white noise or meditation for those sleepless nights, and take that sleep when and where you can get it!
  3.  Your pants will get tighter: Take this from my personal experience- your metabolism is going to slow WAAAAAYYYYYYY down. Basically, you can’t eat like your 20s, and stick to your 20s workout routine and expect to lose weight or even maintain it. And if you’re just doing cardio? Forget it. Pick up those weights ladies, and get moving. And while you’re at it, forget about cheesy carbs. Just. Say. No.
  4. Everything hurts: If you’re following my advice on (3), your body will find ways to protest in excruciating pain in muscles that you didn’t even know existed. You will wake up with mystery aches and pains. Schedule regular massages. Its not an indulgence, its practically a medical necessity.
  5. You will find yourself, and generally give fewer f**** about what other people think: This, in my opinion, is the BEST thing about your 30s, and totally makes the horrors of 1-4 worth it. Do some soul searching, figure out who you really are and who you want to be, and absolutely own it. You are  amazing, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

How are your 30s going? Anything I missed? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Shibani Faehnle

Shibani is a banker by day, and an entrepreneur, lifestyle blogger, spin instructor, wife, and mom to three rescue pups by night. She started her online jewelry boutique bombaytaxiboutique.com in 2015. She has a weakness for ice cream, loud pop music, 90s hip hop, and texting in ALL CAPS. She secretly wants Andy Cohen and Bravo to hire her to be on Real Housewives of Cleveland.

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