Totes Ma Goat Yoga—It’s Really a Thing

It’s a trend hotter than pass the potato at a kid’s birthday party. But if you own farm animals, it’s a little hard to understand why people would pay money to stand barefoot in a pasture to exercise and pet your goats.

But when in Rome or, in this case, your bright white barn—and you happen to have sweet adorable tiny goats—why not do yoga?

Actually, it’s called Goat Yoga.


Heard of it? I hadn’t until a vast majority of my Facebook buddies started tagging me in posts about it. Then they started begging me to do it at my farm.

So on a Sunday morning, that’s just what we did. Because let’s be honest, I like to be on trend. I also like to throw a party. Plus, my former roommate and dear friend just became a yoga instructor.


Goats: check.

Yoga instructor: check.

Friends who won’t sue me if they get trampled: check, check.

Mimosas: of course!

But really, why is this Goat Yoga a thing?

Goats love people. They also love shorts, shoes, grain and licorice flavored snacks. They like to climb, lean and (seriously) snuggle up against a warm body. So, give them hot yogis with some treats on their mats and it’s nothing but downward facing love in this pasture.


People love goats. My girls are Nigerian dwarf goats. While they aren’t the smallest of the mini-breeds, they are about the size of a toddler. They are super soft, plump and don’t mind being picked up or posed for a million selfies.


The setting is Bah-mazing (boom)! We live on several acres with a pasture that overlooks our pond. It’s pretty quiet sans the breeze and the occasional ‘bah’s of goats and sheep looking for more snacks. There’s something about yoga and nature that brings out a really good ‘om.’


Goat selfies are the best. Most people are up for a new adventure. Something different to share. This one doesn’t require a passport or vacation days. The reward far outweighs the risk. The cost at most places is minimal and the content is priceless. Who doesn’t want to share pics of goats prancing all over them?


If you’re dying to squeeze some goat cheeks and strengthen your core, all you have to do is search for Goat Yoga in Ohio on Facebook. I could throw a chicken and hit several farms that offer this to the public. The pictures are accurate. You’ll have tiny hooves frolicking on your yoga mat.


But let’s not forget people, these are animals. While my girls kept their business away from our class, you are still barefoot in a pasture where animals live. A little poop never killed anyone. That’s my motto for goat yoga, and for life.




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(Non) Stay-at-home mama raising my three screaming cubs while restoring our 35-acres of wilderness just outside of Cleveland. Copywriter, sheep herder and fixer upper. I live in muck boots, jeans and wear dangling toddlers as accessories.

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