To the Dreamer…

It’s weird to think that for so long I never saw you as an actual person. I mean, I knew you were a human being, and you were pretty critical to that whole giving us life thing, but you were always just “Mom: raiser of children”.

I know I’m lucky to have developed such a strong friendship with my mom as I’ve become older. And as that friendship has grown I feel I’ve been able to really see you, and all the remarkable traits that are unique to who you are as a person. And you are incredible.

You are the cheerleader. The guider. The sponge. Even when your own life sometimes seems overflowing with sadness, disappointment or pain, you never hesitate to absorb our own in hopes to ease our struggling, even if just for a little bit. And your positivity is unwavering. The dark times you’ve endured would have most certainly turned anyone into a hardened cynic, but it seemed to only have softened you. You are steadfastly kind and empathetic, which is both your greatest weakness and most powerful strength.

Most importantly, you’re the dreamer. A physical embodiment of all the possibilities, the ambitions, the imagination, the “ but what if you could…”. You are the person that believes unequivocally. You are my best example of how powerful it is to respond to any ideas with “you got this”. For better or worse, you act first and (sometimes) ask questions later. You’ve endured enough adversity to know that no matter what, you’ll be okay, and that’s the best gift you’ve ever given me.

I know we often joke about your chaotic and creative world of butterflies and rainbows, but the truth is that without you, I would never know how to reach beyond my own limits to imagine something greater. And even though some of the things you come up with are down right insane, every adventure we’ve had has been because you dared to think it.

I can’t imagine what it’s like to live without someone like you, the dreamer, in it. And although I have not yet graced you with a grandchild, I know that when that day comes you will light up that child’s life with wonderment like you have mine.

Always keep dreaming, mom.

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Megan Conway

A 30-something Cleveland native who writes better than she speaks.

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  • This is the most beautiful love letter I’ve ever read…and it’s to me. How lucky am I? As your mom, I always wondered if I said or did the right things, constantly rethinking and replaying all the guidance and decisions made with you as my child. This tribute gave me such a sense of peace and calm to know that I really did the best I could and you have become this fascinating, liberated, kind & amazing person. I love you more than you will ever know and my gift to you is ‘you got this’.

    • Such a beautiful tribute to your mom. You are both amazing smart, creative, hilarious & beautiful inside & out women. ??

  • What a wonderful tribute to your mom. I met your mom years ago when she made me some beautiful jewelry. She is a lovely person and you seem to have taken after her.

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