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Holidays are a lot like weddings at times and somehow elicit crazy behavior and conversations with people. Or at least that’s what I experience from my rather medium-sized family that gets exponentially louder and larger during Christmas.

By now, you have read several articles regarding “how to keep cool during the holidays” or maybe even “three ways to deal with over zealous aunts/in-laws/neighbors/parents” a thousand times over but it’s still not helping. Let’s be real here. Leading up to this day,  you may be group texted out with your family where one too many emojis have been used to send you over the edge on today’s celebration. We get it. The holidays are a stressful time and here are a few ideas of how to handle today.

Get up and move. I’m 1,000 percent serious when I say get up and get moving today. Go for a walk. A run. A game of touch football if you will. No need for a hat and gloves with this 50 degree weather that is really messing with my fashion selections but that’s beside the point. While you may not be a marathoner runner, you can go for a nice brisk walk and listen to your favorite Spotify list or grab a family member. Go to your local high school and run some bleachers, sprints or even a local park where you can do body weight exercises. Working out is always better in pairs anyway. Get your blood flowing and body moving to work those endorphins. It’s straight science, people!

Smile and nod. Remember when I said people go bonkers around the holidays? It’s true. I’m not sure what exactly is in the air but it’s kind of like when you enter an airport, and people completely forget how to take off a belt, empty their pockets and read directional signage. Baffling I know. But it ALWAYS happens. So let’s not be surprised when your 80-year-old aunt asks why you aren’t married, don’t have kids or why your toddler is running around without pants on. Just smile and nod. No need to go into a long winded explanation as to “how you haven’t met the right guy” or “you aren’t sure if you want kids” or “this is your creative parenting tactic,” just smile, nod and quickly change the subject to talk about cocktail shrimp, the weather or something republican presidential related that’s sure to ignite some real controversy and take you out of the hot seat in question.

Manage your visit. If you have to hop around two or three more parties, my hat is off to you, especially if you are carting around little kids with all their presents in tow. When you arrive, kindly remind the hostess that you have other houses to stop at and can stay for a specific amount of time so that you and your family can stay on schedule. That way, when you go to leave at said time, everyone remembers that you are off to your next fabulous party way across town.

Be thankful. Is this a stressful time? Yes. Is this anything new? Absolutely not. My family is pretty amazingly crazy, over bearing at times and doesn’t understand what the hell the term “inside voice” means but there isn’t a group of individuals I would rather complain about or spend time with on Christmas.

Here’s to a wonderfully spring-like Christmas for Clevelanders! ‘Tis the season!


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Even at 31, Allison Peltz has never met a sequin (or anything leopard print) for that matter that she didn’t like to somehow weave into her daily wardrobe. She runs half marathons, practices hot yoga, spins, absolutely hates wall balls and is always up for the next calorie burning activity solo or dragging her friends in tow. She has a fierce hair twirling problem and is often mistaken for the gorgeous comedian Natasha Leggero, who may or may not also have a hair twirling problem.

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