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In today’s Features, we speak with Cori Imbrigiotta, owner of H A V E N, a great little boutique in Chagrin Falls. H A V E N carries a very tightly curated collection of women’s clothing and accessories, everything you need to build a chic, cool-girl wardrobe! We hope you will visit the store and shop local!

Cori Imbrigiotta ( HAVEN )

Tell us a little bit about your business?

H A V E N is a women’s retail store located in Chagrin Falls Ohio. I offer a curated collection of clothing and lifestyle items ( aka shoes, handbags, jewelry, beauty ) for women who appreciate simplicity but want a little bit of edge. Every piece is hand- picked by me based on quality, instinct and its cool factor. My intent is to dress women with a cool sense of style and purpose.

How did you make your way to being an entrepreneur?

I never dreamt of being an entrepreneur, I really only ever dreamt of opening a store. Honestly it wasn’t up until a year or so ago when the label “entrepreneur” and its association with me actually registered.

My dream of opening a store stemmed from two things. First, I wanted to create a destination, a physical space, where people could go and ( cheesiness approaching here … ) escape. I’ve always loved the act of shopping – I love the way that going into a well curated store ( clothing or otherwise ) can transport you into a different world. I wanted to create a world of my own. Second, I wanted to bring something different to Cleveland, something I as a consumer wanted. I’m talking an easy and reliable shopping experience as well as styles that are consistent, exciting and cool.

“Ignorance is bliss” should have been tattooed across my forehead for the first – oh I’d say three years of H A V E N. After I graduated college, I had no idea what it took to operate a business. However, I was positive it took one thing … money. So when I turned 21, I started bartending. I was lucky enough to fall into a job where the owner of the bar ( an entrepreneur himself ) took my murmurings about opening a business of my own seriously. He showed me what the bones of a business are. While I was bartending, I decided to get the ball rolling. I knew I didn’t have enough money for a brick and mortar operation quite yet but I did have enough money for a license to operate from the state of Ohio, a website and of course a rolling rack of clothing. With that, H A V E N, A Pop-Up Shop was born. After lots of schlepping, tons of Kamikaze shots ( sold, not consumed ), and a few averted disasters ( aka wind-blown racks at my first sidewalk sale ) I decided it was time to move H A V E N into a brick and mortar location – 13 W Orange Chagrin Falls to be exact.

What apps do you use to keep yourself organized?

Oh there’s a few great ones!
First off, I love GOOGLE KEEP.
It’s like post-it-notes and a checklist combined. Color-coded and all. #sighofrelief

Second, I use BASECAMP for the store and the inventory. That is a great one too.

Lastly, ( I am grouping this under the app category ) I utilize the PODCAST app daily to keep my brain organized. Podcasts have become sort of an addiction for me. Some of my favorites are The Tim Ferriss Show and #GIRLBOSS. Also – taking recommendations ?

What is your driving force?

We are not out of a cheese free zone yet …
I would say there are multiple forces that drive me.

One being my customers. The support they have shown me has been totally unexpected, beyond words appreciated and so incredibly crucial to the success and growth of H A V E N. ( insert tear emoji )

Another driving force has been my friends and my family. Their support has been unwavering. From the time I was a working as a bartender just simply talking about opening a store, to the time I was popping up all over Columbus and Cleveland ( thank you so much for always showing up ) to the time when I opened here in Chagrin Falls. When you are shown that much support and love you are naturally lifted up and inspired to do more.

Lastly my love for personal style is a major driving force. From as early as I can remember, every time I would see a person with interesting personal style I wanted to be there friend or learn their story. Personal style has such a strong voice. The ability to express that voice and help others express theirs is a huge motivator.

How can we find your business?

If I haven’t mentioned it before, H A V E N is located in Chagrin Falls – 13 W Orange Chagrin Falls.

You can call or email 216-577-5909 / [email protected]

I also have an online site as well as social media pages: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

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