Part II: Wanderlusting Gallery Wall Finito!

To this

Last month, I wrote about working on a gallery wall in my bedroom inspired by my travels since I haven’t been globetrotting like I used to be.

I dug up some artwork that I’ve been meaning to frame (one piece from France is from 2001) and started browsing Pinterest, Houzz and good ol’ fashioned magazines for inspiration on the collage, mats and frames.

I framed a lot of stuff in my 20s and usually went to Michael’s with my 50% framing coupons. This go-around, I worked with Amy, owner of a frame shop down the street, The Frame Artist, and picked up some stuff from Etsy too. I loved schlepping my stuff down the street during our springtime December weather and supporting a local business.


From this…

To this

To this…


And this…

My wanderlusting walls make me smile and remind me of my adventures from CLE to D.C. to France to Japan. And, I think their mojo is working since I’m headed to Charlotte this weekend. ?

For my next project, I’m thinking through an interesting display to showcase my prized Playhouse Square outdoor chandelier bulb. Send any grand ideas of inspiration my way!

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Christina Klenotic

Christina Klenotic believes that you can be nice and successful in your career (screw mean people). She also doesn’t believe in having more kids than arms since she’s frequently toting both of her toddlers around Cleveland’s neighborhoods. Or, biking with them both on her mamacycle (baby seat in the front, tandem in the back).

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  • I love this. Your first article helped me because I am one of those non-planners who just grab a hammer and a photo and put it up. I’m going to try and plan it out like you did and have more of a visionary approach now that I see how amazing your walls look! Great job & have a wonderful trip!

  • Thank you! It was hard to wait to pull everything together since I like to do the same. Thank goodness for my hubs who has the patience to measure everything out and deal with my hovering!

  • I’ve added decals of each country’s name amidst the art & photos (from uppercase living) in my office – a culmination of my travel experiences…which I hope to continue long into the future…..not all who wander are lost, indeed.

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