Nothing Lasts Forever

The need to potty train my toddler came up frequently in my circles. Friends and family would tell me “she’s ready” and “you just need do it”. My daughter is unlike my other two older children at this stage. She’s WAY more persistent and really knows what she wants. One of her nicknames is Boss Baby, coined from the recent funny movie “The Boss Baby.”

I knew it was time to give in, but I had zero interest. ZERO! I used every excuse in the book.

“She’s only two!”

“I’m too busy.”

Plus, let’s be honest. Potty training sucks. Going to the bathroom a bazillion times a day with your toddler. The accidental soiled undies. Visits to public restrooms. THIS is the worst people. They want to touch everything! EVERYTHING. I cringe in disgust and yell, “don’t touch the toilet seat” over and over. So gross!

Despite all of this negativity and my reluctance to start, there’s one real reason why I couldn’t get rid of the diaper.

I didn’t want to let go of my baby.

Brianna is the third and final child in my family. There are no more babies in my future. If I get rid of diapers, I’m closing a sweet chapter in my book of life. Am I ready for that? Selfishly, no. I’m not.

No more baby kicks inside my belly.

No more newborn smells.

No more 2 a.m. feedings.

No more baby toys.

No highchair.

No bottles.

No diaper bag.

No baby proofing the house.

Nada. Nothing. It’s over. It’s hard to leave it all in the rear-view mirror.

On the flip side, I know this is how it’s supposed to be. I’m meant to stop at three. I’ll be the first to tell you I’m happily done having kids. We’re complete as a party of five. I believe God gives you what you can handle and three is my limit. Pregnancy strains the body. A physician recently told me it’s like your body has a disease. (Not gonna lie, I was a bit taken aback by this comment.) My third pregnancy was especially challenging for me. It tested my emotional and physical capabilities as a human being like no other.

One of my favorite children’s books is “Let Me Hold You Longer” by Karen Kingsbury. It cues all the feels. I can barely get through the pages without a good cry. It’s a loving reminder to cherish the last moments with your child just like you typically do with the first ones. Remember the last time you rock your baby to sleep, the last time you pick them up, the last time they go to school and so on.

Because Bri is my last baby, I really try to recall all of the special last moments. I want to hold on to them for an eternity. Like the very last time I changed her little diaper to put on her favorite princess undies. Whether I’m ready or not, my baby is growing up. Nothing lasts forever. Sniff, sniff.

What are your special last moments?

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Kim Wysocki

Kim is a public relations professional. Her three-ring circus (aka, her children), husband and yellow lab keep her busy when she’s not generating publicity. She’s an avid watcher of the Today Show, loves staying fit and can’t pass up a good clothing and accessory deal. In her free time, she’s volunteering at St. Gabriel School or planning her next family vacation. Kim lives in Concord.

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  • I’m reading this after JUST cleaning up pee on my cowhide rug from number 3. Also not 2, but ready to hit the head. My last sweet moment happened on Monday with my oldest, Ryker who just turned 6. We held hands from the parking lot into summer camp then BOOM, he saw his peers and let go. I tried to put his tiny fingers back in mine, thinking he’d lost his grip. But no. He is too cool to hold hands with mama. I cried on my way back to the car. ?

  • Cleaning up pee on your nice rug! Ugh… sounds all too familiar (except there’s no cowhide over here ? !). I try to feel proud we were successful enough to get them to the point of letting go and moving on – without us, sometimes. But, it can be heart-wrenching. :/

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