Love Notes

It started with a note.

You knew I struggled to effectively communicate my emotions, so under the guise of practicing our cursive you set up our own communication system by writing notes to each other. A private conversation where we could share our thoughts and feelings in the best way we both knew how.

You inadvertently unlocked my passion and it seems only fitting that my gift to you in honor of Father’s Day is a note from me.

I believe one of the best compliments I could give you is how much you have taken after Papa. I know how much you admired him and I think the rest of our family would agree that you’ve done him proud. From continuing the tradition of attending church as a family, to making sure we see the world. You’ve taught us that no matter the amount of success, nothing is worth more than kindness, generosity and being humble.

While never unsupportive, you’re still my tether to reality. Practicality and logic have often saved me from some pretty crazy ideas. The yin to the dreamer’s yang, you understand that while dreaming big is important, thinking smart is critical. You’ve instilled in me a confidence that I believe only a father’s unyielding support can create. I’ve saved every single card you’ve given me that tells me how proud of me you are so that in times of uncertainty I am reminded of the strength of that sentiment.

You would do anything for those you love, and you have. Just like Papa, you aren’t one to be overly emotional, but your presence in times of trouble is quiet, yet powerful. You don’t say much in those times, but an arm around the shoulder says everything.

Above all, you’ve taught me about family. Papa knew how important it was to be together often, and you’ve carried out his legacy beautifully. Everything that was good about him lives on in you, and now in us. As Nana would say, “You’re a good one.”

To my moral fiber, my quiet confidence, my reality touchstone, my dad: Happy (belated) Father’s Day. Love, Meggie Eggie.

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Megan Conway

A 30-something Cleveland native who writes better than she speaks.

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  • So sweet! He is a great man and was always so kind to me (even after the 5th of coming down to tell us to go to sleep). I always look forward to reading this!

  • What an amazing gift you’ve given to your dad by writing this. He must be so proud to read the sweet acknowledgment you feel toward his efforts as a father.
    Thanks for sharing…

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