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2017 is in full swing and you know what that means! Time to recheck those goals set in Janurary, and keep challenging yourself for a kick-a$$ year! We all know this includes looking at our fitness and wellness routines. Yaaay, booo, hisss –I hear the collective cheers and moans. The great news is, long gone are the days of a miserable 60-minute workout routine at your local, stinky gym. Our city has passionate fitness instructors that will work your body and inspire your mind. Boutique fitness studios and classes are all the fire and continue to gain momentum by allowing clients to not only burn an insane amount of calories, but rock out to high energy tunes while doing so.

Did you know that you actually work harder when your workout is synced to music? Science continues to prove the link between music tempo and exercise performance. So when that “I’m over this!” moment intersects with a dope downbeat, the music will actually help power you through. Next thing you know, you’ve conquered a killer 60-minute class, and you walk out feeling like the baddest B (that’s what I call myself after I’ve slayed some calories) knowing your duty is done and you’re off to check the next item from your-to-do list.

Here are four classes you can find in CLE that I know you’ll love in 2017 and beyond:
1. GrooveRyde – If you’re not into cycling because “those seats hurt my butt,” don’t worry, you won’t be in the saddle long enough. This 50 to 60-minute cycling class starts you off in your basic cycling position, but very quickly takes you into all kind of movements that will have you feeling the burn in no time. The high energy instructors do not run short on inspiration throughout the class. GrooveRyde, also the name of the studio, is home to several other beat focused classes including ‘Beat Box’ and ‘Buti Yoga.’ Their signature class will have you rocking, toning, and ‘ryding’ to the beat. Check it out, you’re in for the ‘ryde’ of your life! (www.grooveryde.com).

2. Kangaroo Jump Class – Have you seen the shoes for this class? Google them right now! For some, they invoke excitement, for me they immediately invoked fear. This class challenges you from jump by placing you in space looking bouncy boots. Once you’re locked in, the workout commences with great tunes and familiar fitness movements that are intensified by the boots. The class is 55 to 60 minutes of continuous jumping and dance routines that are easy on joints and heavy on the fun. (http://www.elitehops.com).

3. Xtreme Hip Hop – There is no other way to describe this class except to say that it bangz! It’s your grandma’s step class x10,000, PLUS a hip hop playlist that will take you back to fraternity dance parties on College Street (proud KSU alum here). Made popular by YouTube and Facebook videos over a year ago, you can take a live class or purchase the DVDs. Created and led by Phil Weeden, you will very easily pick up the basic steps that will then lead you into “remixed” steps that you’ve never seen or done before. The class also incorporates small hand weights that add to the burn. Get ready to whip and nae nae, percolate and show out in this must try class. (http://www.xtremefitnesswithphil.com).

4. Strong by Zumba – As Self Magazine writer Alexa Tucker said, “Strong will have you do a burpee when the bass drops – and you’ll love it!” And I couldn’t agree more! As an instructor of this HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout, I can speak from first hand (and incredibly biased) experience that you will find yourself squatting to the beat, dripping sweat, and loving every minute of it. This non-dance, 60-minute class is perfect for men and women as it’s more boot camp in nature and an excellent option if you’re looking for a high cardio and muscle conditioning workout. (https://www.strongbyzumba.com/).

These are my 4, but I’m looking for a class every night of the week! What classes in CLE have rocked your fitness routine?

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Nike Olabisi

Nike Olabisi has a passion for people and projects that shows in her professional experience as a Sr. Inside Sales Representative, and in her popular fitness classes. As a Dance Fitness instructor since 2009, Nike Olabisi has served as a motivational figure in Northeast Ohio. Committed to a lifestyle of health and wellness, she has encouraged and challenged her clients to be the best version of themselves. Nike is known for her contagious energy and love for music and movement. It is not uncommon to find her on a dance floor leading others, or rocking to the beat of her own drum. She is excited to watch and be a part of the revitalization of Cleveland and has co-created the podcast, BelieveLand Besties, to share Cleveland with the world.

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