Goodbye 2017 – Ending The Year With A Bang

My New Year’s Eve started off with excitement – I was set to attend a fun party that evening, and I decided to go find a cute, sparkly wardrobe piece to kick off the night right!

As I headed to the mall, I missed the right turn on the road I typically take which caused me to take the next possible turn. I wasn’t very familiar with this road and had only driven down it maybe 2-3 times. It was bright and my sun visor was down. I was listening to music, but it wasn’t loud and I wasn’t on my phone. My mind simply just wasn’t on the road for two seconds and next thing I knew, I went right through a stop sign and crashed into an SUV.

I have never felt so scared in my life. I heard the loud bang and I felt my car skid across the intersection. My adrenaline was pumping so hard I didn’t even realize the airbag hit me in the chest. However, I could feel my body flying forward and the massive jerk when my seatbelt slammed me back into my seat. My knees smacked against the dashboard. It all happened so fast and there was no doubt that I was in shock. I just sat there for a second trying to figure out what happened. The smell of smoke snapped me back to reality and I suddenly feared that the car would explode. I turned the car off, and jumped out as fast as I could. A random bystander got out of his car to make sure I was okay. I was crying and shaking so much that I could barely walk. The first thing I said to him was that I needed to call my mom right away.

Before I could even figure out where my phone was, the man whose car I had hit got out screaming at me – swearing and being aggressive. I tried to apologize and explain it was an accident, but I couldn’t get out any words. Only tears and sobs would come. I felt sick to my stomach and I just wanted to see my parents. I finally was able to get my senses together and called my mom who could barely understand what I was saying because I was crying so hard. I was so worried about all of the damage I had caused to the cars. I feared my parents would show and just like the other driver – they would be so upset with me. It all just felt like too much.

The cops showed up to the scene and let me sit in the back of their car since it was 10 degrees out. I remember the moment my parents got there. My mom flew out of the car and I jumped out of the cop car to run to her. There’s nothing more comforting than a hug from one of your parents telling you that everything will be fine. They weren’t mad – they were so relieved that everyone was okay.  We all know the golden rule – if mom and dad say it’s going to be okay then everything will work out. But no matter how much my parents reassured me, I couldn’t get over that I could have been seriously hurt, or I could’ve hurt or even killed the people in the other car.

By the time I got home, my body was sore and my top lip was double the size it was supposed be. I had all day to think about the accident and played it over and over again in my mind. I debated most of the evening about whether or not to head to the party. A part of me just wanted to curl up in bed with the covers over my head. This was the first car accident I had ever been in and I just couldn’t shake how scared I felt. I ended up attending the party and rang in the New Year with my friends – but my mind was on the accident.

I haven’t slept well since that day. The sound of the loud crash and the skidding of the tires will forever be in my mind. Someone above was definitely watching over me and I’ve never been more thankful. But, I also can’t help but feel horrible – I totaled my car and destroyed the car I hit. Because of my actions, my parents and the other couple have a lot of issues to work through, not to mention all the financial ramifications.

When I think about that day, it all started with me wanting a cute, sparkly $20 shirt for a party. Now I have a fat lip, sore body and no car. I guess you can say that I ended the year with a bang. LITERALLY.

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Chloe Martin

Chloe is a a teenage girl who lives in Westlake, Ohio with her parents, brother and two cats. Chloe loves playing sports, traveling to different countries and eating ice cream. She is the varsity cheer captain for the football and basketball squads and is one of the two varsity softball captains. Chloe is excited to attend college this fall and study accounting. Writing isn’t exactly her forte but she’s always willing to try new things!

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  • I am so sorry that this happened. This is a very traumatic event and I completely understand why you would be struggling with thoughts of it. I am very grateful that you were not seriously injured and that the other people involved were ok too. Despite all of our best intentions this could happen to any one of us. Thank you for having the courage to share your story. We love you and thank God you are safe.

  • I know how scary this was, Chloe. My heart broke for you. On a more positive note, I couldn’t be prouder of you after reading this blog. Your honesty was so refresing. You are a remarkable person.

  • I’m so proud of your blog! And I’m proud of you — for taking responsibility and for caring about all of the people affected. You are a very strong young woman and you will get through this, no doubt. We all love you and are thankful that you are still here to hug every single day!

  • I’m so glad you are okay. As parents and grandparents, car accidents are one of the things we fear most. This will make you a more alert and careful driver in the future. God bless you.

  • Chloe I just read your blog and was so very sorry to learn of your unfortunate accident. I’m grateful you were spared serious injury, and hope the occupants of the other vehicle were as well. As you know, vehicles can be restored or replaced, thank goodness.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings regarding this experience. I know others will relate and some will even reevaluate their own driving skills. ?

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