How to Look Chic & Stay Warm: Cold Weather Style Tips with Glam Karen

Brrrr…. What the heck is happening with the weather? How can we stay stylish and warm with this range of temps? From 60′ days to (a few days of) snowfall … to fall season feels… to (another few days of snowfall)… back to 60’… but it’s TOO cold for some warmer weather styles but not quite severe enough for serious winter fashion. What to wear? We need cold weather style tips!

How can we look chic and stay warm? I’m cold! Aren’t you?

How to Look Oh-So-Chic and Stay Oh-So-Warm:

Tip #1: Scarves. Throw one on. Even if you don’t know how. Just toss it over yourself. Really. Adds instant chic while adding instant warmth. Done.

Tip #2: Long cardigans. Almost like a stylish blanket in disguise. Kinda. Wear one just once and try to tell me I’m wrong. Very cozy and very warm. Easy to add to dress pants and a button-down shirt at work, or with distressed denim and booties on the weekend. Anyone NOT want to be snuggled up in a blanket …er, long cardigan… all day long?

Tip #3: Chunky sweaters. Nope – not just for a Netflix marathon on the couch. For work, keep it monochromatic. For example, grey dress pants, a grey silk cami and chunky grey sweater. Tuck in the front tip of the sweater into your pants to let your black belt peek out. Add some grey booties. And… let the compliments begin on your street chic dressy look. You’re welcome.

Tip #4: Hats. Pom-pom or beanie hats. Just get one. Get a few. Add to cart. Promise you will look adorable/chic/charming and be insanely warm. And – keep it on while at brunch on Sunday with the girls. Oh, hello street style chic.

Tip #5: Coat. The grand finale. No skimping here. For reals. Splurge right here. Right now. No way do you want to buy anything less than the warmest coat. If you happen to be outside for longer than…oh….30 seconds, this is THE purchase you can.not.feel.guilty.about. When this cold fall brrrrrr turns overnight into crazy winter cold outside, be prepared. Frostbite is NOT stylish. Lucky for us all, there are some new coats out there that are SERIOUS about keeping you warm, while also seriously chic.

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Karen Morse

Voted “Miss Maybelline” in her high school superlative, this fashion and beauty blogger is always current with the newest trends and loves showing others how to master them on her blog. Having attended several New York Fashion Weeks and interviewing top designers (including Cynthia Rowley) have been exhilarating (and fashionable) moments for Karen.

Featured in the “Fashion Flash” for the Cleveland Plain Dealer (October 2017), Karen juggles blogging with being a full-time Middle School science teacher. Who says science can’t be fashionable?

Although a native of Cleveland, she spends her summers in Florida. While her artist husband is plein air painting on the beach, Karen’s happy place is simply walking the beach collecting shells.

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