Dear Serendipity: A Thank You Note

Dear Serendipity,

You made a really sweet romantic comedy, tasty Upper East Side treat and lively Lee DeWyze melody. You’ve also been so good to me.

Remember how you crossed my path with that of a new college professor and a rising young professional, leading to an internship then my first real job?

How about when you sat two dental students next to each other in the front row of class – the two studious, sarcastic young men who shared the same phone number just one digit off and grew up in neighboring towns yet hadn’t met until then? Well, they became the best of friends, and I married one.

You know the story. You arranged for me to run into my grade school girlfriend at my best friend’s wedding where she told me about her new love (The One you found for her on and his single friend. You didn’t push too hard at first. But that second chance meeting with her downtown did the trick. She said he liked blondes. The double date that followed was epic.

It was also you who put me right where I needed to be at the right time – staying at home with my baby girl – when my mom got her diagnosis. Had I still been working then, it may have been too much… Thanks for looking out.

And introducing me to my daughter’s favorite preschool teacher a full year before she was placed in her class sure helped guard my sensitive mommy heart. You know a thing or two about timing.

By the way, was that you who blared “Sweet Child O’ Mine” from the hospital delivery room speakers when my son was born? That, especially was a memorable moment.

I could go on, but I’ll stop here. Please know I appreciate all you’ve done and look forward to what the future holds for us.

I realize you don’t work alone. You count on me to pull my weight with faith, time and maybe fate, but I’m forever gratefully yours.


Merriam-Webster defines serendipity as “the phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for.” What serendipitous moments have you experienced? May life bring you many!

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Lindsey Geiss

Lindsey Geiss is a public relations and crisis communications planning professional turned stay-at-home mom and writer. When she’s not handling local early childhood PTA publicity, she’s getting crafty with the kids, researching allergy-friendly toddler snacks, or finding and wrapping that perfect gift. Lindsey is a shoe-lover, jump rope enthusiast and recovering perfectionist. She lives on the West side of Cleveland with her husband and two young children.

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  • That time my husband’s buddy went fishing on a property that ended up being for sale. And a young married couple, who wanted a farm, went to check it out pregnant with toddler in tow. Now those dusty stables and delapidated coop have been brought back to life and are bursting with sheep, goats and chickens.

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