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She In The CLE is a blogger collective whose mission is to raise the visibility and voices of women through purposeful conversations. At She In The CLE, we believe in the power in the female voice, amplifying never dictating what it says as well as collaborating and lifting each other up instead of competition.

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Eating Sh!t

Ah yes, on today’s edition I am going to serve you some knowledge that you may not like or appreciate. It is the truth that often times in co-parenting we are placed in positions in which…

Good Karma

My son has been bouncing on the trampoline for years, ever since he was a small, chubby little guy. He would go out there on his own and would just jump up and down for the longest time…

How Do Mothers Say Goodnight?

How do mothers say good night when they want kiddos to turn out the light? Does a mom slam her laptop on the floor? Does she pick up her wine glass and take one sip more? Does she threaten…

Surviving Parenthood

My husband and I wanted to have kids like many other couples who are lucky enough to do so. We were the first in our group of friends to take the leap. Along came kid number one – a…

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