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Beautiful Destinations

During one of my last days of 8th grade, the teacher had us each make posters with a quote on them that we “truly loved.” We drew them out on computer paper, used Crayola markers and…

A Former Holiday Hater

The sight and sounds of the holidays approaching used to make my blood boil. The holidays in my eyes, were several weeks of running a gauntlet of forced fun at work, in my personal life and…

Legacy of an Ohio Gardner

One year ago today Donna Gardner–busy and active at 80 years old–got up and headed to Hudson’s LifeCenter for her early morning fitness class, but she didn’t make it into the…

5 Apps That Are Worth Paying For

There are so many apps in the app store, many of which seemingly do the same thing. There are plenty of free apps, but which paid apps are actually worth paying for? Today I want to discuss…

Sprinkles Are for Winners

It was probably the third time I had spilled a cup of ice cream on me that the thoughts made their way into my head: How did I get myself into this? Is this what adult life is going to be…


Silence. As I persist against injustice… Your silence has already spoken. By doing nothing You are enabling a great big something. Your silence has already spoken, Like chilly…

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