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She In The CLE is a blogger collective whose mission is to raise the visibility and voices of women through purposeful conversations. At She In The CLE, we believe in the power in the female voice, amplifying never dictating what it says as well as collaborating and lifting each other up instead of competition.

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Summer Days, Drifting Away

There’s nothing like the last day of school. Sun shining on your face, a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction and anticipation when thinking of the ending of the school year and…

Life’s A day At The Beach

September Storytime: when I was four years old, my whole family went on vacation to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware where we spent the whole day by the ocean. It was a beautiful day, a slight…

This Magic Moment

Once in a rare while, something completely magical happens. This weekend contained one of those moments. My husband I bought an old beat-up camper a few years ago. We’ve enjoyed many…

Happy 3 Years to YOU!

It’s been another trip around the sun for our She In the CLE Family, and what a year it has been! At this time last year, we launched #​SheSpeaks​, our anonymous submission forum…

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