Warm Books on Cold Evenings

I have been reading a LOT lately. I read 5 books in the last two weeks of 2015 – there’s nothing quite like letting yourself get lost in the written word. I’ve seen a number of people list “Read more books” in their New Year’s Resolutions, and assuming that those resolutions still hold true, I’d like to recommend two of my favorite books for a cold night spent at home.

I first read Crazy Rich Asians in 2014. It tells the story of economics profession Rachel Chu who travels to Singapore with her boyfriend Nick Young for a wedding, and to meet Nick’s family. Rachel doesn’t know that Nick’s family is in the top 1% of wealthiest people in the WHOLE WORLD.  What follows is a fun family saga and peek into what it must be like to have unimaginable wealth. This is a super fun read for any lover of fashion and travel: lots and lots of designer name drops, and the book takes you from NYC to Singapore to Hong Kong and London and Paris. I visited Singapore a few years ago, and I will say that it has some of the most expensive real estate in the world. It’s also an island country, so owning a car involves a $200,000 permit and crazy import taxes. And there is luxury EVERYWHERE. There’s even a Louis Vuitton store partially submerged in the bay (and its just one of many LV stores in Singapore).

China Rich Girlfriend, released in the summer of 2015, is the sequel to Crazy Rich Asians. Rachel and Nick are back, and so are a host of new characters. This books stands alone, but it does make references to the earlier book, so I recommend reading both. They are such fun reads that it really won’t take a lot of time to get through them. I can’t talk about plot too much without giving away plot points from the first book, but lets just say that the sequel is even more wild than the original!
So what are you reading this season?

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Shibani Faehnle

Shibani is a banker by day, and an entrepreneur, lifestyle blogger, spin instructor, wife, and mom to three rescue pups by night. She started her online jewelry boutique bombaytaxiboutique.com in 2015. She has a weakness for ice cream, loud pop music, 90s hip hop, and texting in ALL CAPS. She secretly wants Andy Cohen and Bravo to hire her to be on Real Housewives of Cleveland.

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  • I just started reading “Brain On Fire: My Month of Madness,” about a 24-year-old journalist’s mystery health problem that seems to be psychosis. It’s TERRIFYING because it’s… man, it’s the kind of thing that I worry about when I’m being neurotic, & to read about it happening to someone is scarier than I could imagine. But it’s also fascinating & well-written, a really great read.

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