What You Should Check Out In: April

You know how the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. In this case, however; the showers are gonna be your tears of joy because… *drumroll please*…. Ed Sheeran’s new album is here! I’m honestly so excited to do nothing but listen to the entire album straight through (again) while I write this so let’s hop to it folks.


“Divide” by Ed Sheeran ~ Have no fear, I did make a playlist with a variety of different songs for this month. However, this particular music selection is going to be a personal recommendation and review of Ed Sheeran’s newest album. I have always been a major fan of Sheeran and after his year long break from the industry and social media, you can imagine my excitement about the release of “Divide.” So, I pressed shuffle on Spotify and haven’t stopped jamming since. Here is a quick play-by-play of what to expect from this masterpiece.

  1. Eraser – A song featuring some of Ed’s rapping skills that can also be heard on singles such as “Don’t” and “Sing.” It also contains a faster tempo and lyrics that Ed described to Glamour as “therapeutic to write.”
  2. Castle on the Hill – An upbeat single released earlier this year that blew up right away. It made me feel rather nostalgic, although at 15 I don’t really know what I have to be nostalgic about, but whatever.
  3. Dive A song about the frustrations of falling in love too hard. The build up that leads into the chorus makes this a good one to belt out in the shower.
  4. Shape of You- Another one of the of the singles released earlier this January that went straight to the top of the charts. A song that the radio has definitely overplayed *eye roll* but still a jam nevertheless.
  5. Perfect- A song written about Ed’s current girlfriend that puts basically every other love song to shame. The lyrics are simple and beautiful and will make you feel like going outside to dance under the stars with your S.O. or in my case, my dog.
  6. Galway Girl- An upbeat song outlining a fun night with a girl, seemingly one of a kind. With Irish influences shining through in the music, it’ll be hard to suppress doing a little jig.
  7. Happier- A song that reaches over to grab your heart, tear it from your chest, and then nonchalantly toss it off a bridge. I’m fine though. It’s fine. Everything’s fine.
  8. New Man- The saltiness is very evident in this song, but appreciated because the result is a jammmm.
  9. Hearts Don’t Break Around Here- A song once again about the beauty that is love (blah). It’s slower and pretty and calming and personally works as a great lullaby.
  10. What Do I Know- A song that does a great job at showing how complicated and messy this world is. It’ll give you the urge to just love everyone and snap your fingers – it’ll definitely make you wanna snap.
  11. How Would You Feel- You can never have too many love songs, and this one will release the butterflies that you’ve been trying to contain this entire time. You’ll also want to go stargazing, but that’s definitely a good thing because stargazing is very underrated.
  12. Supermarket Flowers- Get the tissues ready because if you haven’t already this song is guaranteed to bring on the tears. It is, without a doubt, my favorite song on the album. I’m gonna be serious for a second and say that the emotions I felt when hearing this song show just how powerful music can be and that is a beautiful thing.
  13. Barcelona- Put those dancing shoes on because this song will give you the undeniable urge to learn how to (as Ed says) “dance like they do in the mediterranean.”
  14. Bibia Be Ye Ye- Now the title may resemble something I would mutter in my sleep but it is an actual phrase in Twi, a language spoken in Ghana that translates to “All will be well.” (Shoutout to Google translate for being good for things beside my Spanish homework) It is a feel good jam all about loving your life and going with the flow and for some reason when I hear this song, I want to skip (idk why so please don’t ask).
  15. Nancy Mulligan– This song shares the tale of Sheeran’s grandparents’ relationship . It’s fun, adorable, and makes you want your own little Irish love story.
  16. Save Myself– To put it simply this is a great song with an even greater message. You have to look out for yourself sometimes and Sheeran expresses this beautifully.

If you’re liking what you just read I suggest checking out “Divide,”  and believe it or not, this post was in no way sponsored by anything beside my love for this album (heck I wish Ed Sheeran would sponsor me-how cool would that be???).

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Ainsley has always had a love for the arts. While she can’t sing a note to save her life, she enjoys dancing, reading good books, writing short stories and listening to different types of music. In the past year she has discovered a love for fashion and enjoys experimenting and playing around with clothes. Her other interests include going on adventures with her best friends, spending time with her beagle Tess (who she loves more than life) and making cookie dough.

When she gets older Ainsley wants to pursue a career in fashion journalism or write for a women’s magazine (or start her own because why not). She also hopes to travel the world and have as many new experiences as possible. Until then though, she’s just working on getting her driver’s license and passing bio.

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