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lingg jewelry boutique in Cleveland

Today we interview entrepreneur Heidi Lingg, founder of LINGG – a boutique jewelry store in Woodmere. LINGG carries absolutely stunning pieces at a range of prices, and unlike a mass-retailer, all their pieces are limited edition. We hope you will go check out this incredible store after reading this piece!

Tell us a little bit about your business?
LINGG is a dreamy oasis – and brick and mortar dealer – of delectably curated jewelry, accessories and.. more…
How did you make your way to being an entrepreneur?
Art – in all its forms – is my great passion.  The fine arts, architecture and design surrounds us.. and it thrills me.  With a Fine Arts degree in painting and further studies in business, I was hired in my 20’s as a buyer for a design gallery.  That job was a spectacular blend of all that I loved – and eventually more finely-tuned into all that is LINGG today.
What has surprised you most about being an entrepreneur?
Not only the amount, but also the quality of friendships made through business and customer relationships is EVER a refreshing surprise.
What’s the best advice you’ve been given?
A massively wise recipe of advice from my executive father and stay-at-home mother:  work hard, love what you do, be humble, and be grateful.
How can we find your business?
LINGG is in a charming, free-standing stucco “house” at 28500 Chagrin Blvd. in Woodmere/Beachwood (on Cleveland’s east side for those unfamiliar with the area).  Visit us also at , on Facebook, and Instagram.

LINGG jewelry boutique in cleveland


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Shibani is a banker by day, and an entrepreneur, lifestyle blogger, spin instructor, wife, and mom to three rescue pups by night. She started her online jewelry boutique in 2015. She has a weakness for ice cream, loud pop music, 90s hip hop, and texting in ALL CAPS. She secretly wants Andy Cohen and Bravo to hire her to be on Real Housewives of Cleveland.

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