A Thankful Goodbye

We launched She In The CLE more than three years ago – but for all of us here, it feels like 10! This has been our baby – our little engine that could.  And we have loved, nurtured and even resented it at times.

But most of all – we have been so amazingly thankful for all the doors it opened, all the discussions it fostered, all the noise it created and all the women it introduced us to. At times, it’s been our own conference, our own classroom, our cheering section, our shoulder to cry on and more importantly – a tremendous platform to introduce us and our community to the women who inspire us, move us, make us laugh, cry and even made us angry.

And now – it’s time to say goodbye.  The four of us have loved this process and this journey so very much.  We gave up many weekends, late nights and vacations to make sure this site was up and running (little known fact – we were once almost destroyed by a Russian hacker – true story). But it has also been our extreme privilege to read your stories and be a part in sharing them, even if it was with just a microcosm of the world. They were YOUR stories – by women, for women. And every single word counted. And man, did you move us.  There were many conference calls where it was hard to speak because we were so touched by the words that filled up our screens. You also made us argue and debate – were we going to publish the really nasty stuff, were we going to fact check and what role should we play in helping share these diary entries?

At the end of the day – we did our best. We stayed true to what we always said we wanted to be – a blogger collective dedicated to driving conversations with purpose by women. When we launched, there really wasn’t many platforms and ways to connect outside of stuffy women’s conference hallways. We weren’t happy with that.  We knew the media needed to meet more of these women, the community needed to hear from more women and women had some important things to say.

But as we look around – we are so fantastically happy of how things have evolved.  Look, it’s not perfect and we know it. But it’s a heck of a lot better. New platforms like Local Girl Gang, Black Girl In The CLE, Modern CLE, the Women’s Leadership Conference of Northeast Ohio and Shatter have all popped up and are making a huge splash. Women aren’t struggling as much to find a platform or to find one another.

So sometimes you have to know when it’s time to walk away – with your head held high and proud of what has changed and the part that we played in it. Each of us have grown in our professions and our careers and it has become harder to find the time to do this the right way. And it’s something that is far too important to each of us to ever do at half speed.

So this is the last official blog you will see on She In The CLE. But it won’t be the last of us.  We don’t ever plan on being quiet, or to ever stop amplifying the voices of women in our community.  We just won’t be doing it here.

Thank you to those women who helped us along the way and who were always a part of our little family – especially Christina Klenotic and Allison Peltz who were with us when this all started. Thanks to our frequent bloggers who let us into their homes and hearts on quite a few occasions.

But most of all, thank you to the readers and the sharers of these wonderful stories. We hope you enjoyed this adventure as much as we did. And we hope you NEVER stop telling your stories, speaking your mind, fighting for what you believe in and being a powerhouse She in our CLE!

With love and gratitude,

Amy, Shibani, Gabby and Katelyn

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The mission of She In The CLE is to raise the visibility and voices of women through purposeful conversations.

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She In The CLE is a blogger collective that helps raise the visibility and voices of women in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio by creating a platform that allows women to tell their stories, network and engage in purposeful conversation. Through our website, social media channels, newsletter and events, we help amplify the voices of women in our community.

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