She Speaks

Read all our past anonymous posts from our She Speaks archives. The mission of She Speaks is to give a voice to the women who want to start conversations, but who are concerned with sharing their identity, for one reason or another. The posts don’t reveal personal details that can identify particular people nor do they promote bullying or bashing others. This series is designed to give women who can’t share their names an equal voice in the important conversations we are having at She In The CLE.

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woman looking at the forest, being an intimidating woman

I’m Not Intimidating

More than I care to admit, I’ve been told I’m intimidating – like it was something that I needed to fix about myself. Being an “intimidating woman,” here are a few things...

women in a work meeting, dealing with a queen bee at work

Dealing with a Queen Bee

As you may have read in the She Speaks from a few weeks ago, many women are dealing with a Queen Bee at work and in their professional career. During my Queen Bee experience, I realized I...

two friends sitting on the ground, making friends in high school

Breaking Down the Barrier

High school is supposed to be the greatest four years of your life, but starting out, it was scary. I’m not going to BS you about it. I had zero friends going into school. No...

parent and daughter, giving a baby up for adoption

Adoption – My Story

*Warning: The following post includes explicit language as well as themes of sexual assault. Reader discretion is advised. I was 18 and in high school. My mother just had surgery and needed...

woman trapped in restroom, period problems

Trapped. A restroom story.

This post contains adult language. Reader discretion is advised.  I was trapped in the ladies room at work. It had been a busy few weeks, and I had lost track of time. I was sitting at my...