Writing a Cover Letter that Impresses

It’s time for you to write the dreaded cover letter. The place where you have to dust off the old writing skills, brag about all your business accomplishments and hope it doesn’t sound weird.

It’s one of the few places you get to impress a potential employer and get the job you’ve been longing for! So, it’s up to you to do it!

While a cover letter may seem like a daunting document to write, it’s the perfect place to tell your career story to a future employer. You a page to explain anything on your resume you want to clarify, highlight or add to!

I’ve seen some interesting cover letters while recruiting for my last job and hiring interns for the blog. Don’t make a mistake that will cost you the job! Here are some quick helpful tips:

Don’t Copy and Paste from Your Resume

Your cover letter is meant to be an extension of your resume. Your resume is a summary of your experience, while your cover letter is where you can elaborate on your experience; it brings the point home.

When writing your cover letter, pick 2-3 experiences that you want to elaborate on. Chose experiences that are not covered in your resume.

Use Your Cover Letter to Show Your Value to the Company

Your hopes and dreams to be the top in your field are great, but the company you’re applying for doesn’t really need that information. The company wants to know how you’re going to help them and how you will bring value to the job and existing team!

Read through the job description for keywords or responsibilities that you know you can do. In your cover letter, talk about specific experiences where you have accomplished or completed a responsibility or task the company is looking for. You want to communicate your excitement and ability to help the company grow just as much or even more than yourself.

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Show How You’re Different

The person who gets the job is generally the person who stands out the most among the other candidates. Employers want the person who is going to do the job the best and who will fit in well with the company culture.

Think about how your experiences are unique. Were you the lead on multiple projects? Did you volunteer your time in your field? Do you blog or run your own business? Anything that sets you apart is beneficial. Play that up in your cover letter.

Keep it Concise

Use your cover letter to write about your various experiences that make you the best candidate. But, don’t write a novel. Hiring managers often have to review tons of candidates. Your cover letter is likely to get a quick skim.

Keep your cover letter to about 3-4 paragraphs and never more than a page. Try to get each point across in 1-2 sentences. Make every sentence count towards demonstrating how you are the perfect candidate!


Please, whatever you do don’t send a cover letter with spelling errors and grammar mistakes. This is extremely unprofessional. Plus, it gives the impression that you don’t really care about the job at hand.

After you write your cover letter, read it over. Read it out loud to ensure it makes sense. Send it to a friend or family member to give it a quick look over. The more eyes see it, the more likely you’re able to spot a mistake!

Cover letters can be tricky, but don’t let them discourage you! Follow these steps to write a cover letter that impresses! In no time you will have those #careergoals.

What do you do on your cover letter to make it stand out?

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