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In our Features series this week, we’re speaking with the talented Amy Baumberger of The Frame Artist. Having spent most of her childhood and professional career working in the framing and interior design world, Amy is very passionate about her work. Visit her shop in the heart of Rocky River.


 Tell us a little about your business.
The Frame Artist, in business since 2011, offers one-on-one assistance in the selection of framing materials, delivery and hanging service and free estimates.  All custom framing projects are executed on the premises. Unique and challenging projects are my favorite — I love coming up with new ways to display my clients’ mementos. We also provide all of the usual archival matting, diploma framing, photograph and poster framing, needlepoint mounting, dry mounting, creative matting, shadow boxes for memorabilia, object framing, custom mirrors, fillet enhancement, and spacer separation for inlaid projects. 

How did you make your way to being an entrepreneur?

Growing up, I wanted to be a lifeguard like on my favorite show Baywatch. Living in Ohio though, with its lack of sun and sea, I turned to art and crafts to entertain myself — they’ve been a major part of my life ever since. Having a mother and father who each owned small businesses, it was probably inevitable I would end up following in their footsteps. After college, I worked in merchandising and home decor/design. I enjoyed the creative freedom in both fields. Then, when my mother decided to sell her framing business, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to start working for myself in a fun and creative field. I planned, found a great location, bought her tools and inventory, patched, sanded, painted and cleaned, and finally opened my own place! 

When do you sleep?

Mondays, sometimes… 

What is your driving force?

Proving myself. I doubt my family or friends will love me any less if I have to walk away from my business, but I need to show myself that I can be successful. It took a lot of courage to walk away from a stable income and the security that comes with it. For me, the determination to continue after four years is even stronger. 

How can you find me?

The Frame Artist is located in Old River shopping area at 19045 Lake Road Old River, Rocky River. We’re open Tuesday through Saturday. Call any time at  440-333-5430 or visit us online at or on Facebook

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