She In The CLE Features: BlackBird Fly Boutique

Today in our features series, we speak with Angelina Pata of the charming Blackbird Fly Boutique in Ohio City. We hope you will stop by and check out her store after you read her story!

Tell us a little bit about your business.

Blackbird Fly Boutique is a women’s boutique specializing in an eclectic selection of unique apparel, footwear, accessories and gifts. Although our ratio can fluctuate we strive to offer 50 percent American designed and produced. The other 50 percent I hand pick in super small quantities from all over the world, currently including Australia, Spain and England. We also carry nice selection of locally made gifts for women and men, including my own personal jewelry line, Linger Designs.

How did you make your way to being an entrepreneur?

I became a stay at home mother with the birth of my 3rd child. Working since I was fifteen, this was an unexpected change that I had not planned for. Although, I loved my new found cuddle time, I felt like I still needed to do something creative. This led to honing in on my killer cooking skills and some gourmet meals for my family, but more importantly it led to me taking up metal-smithing. I went back to CIA for some part-time classes and fell in love with this new medium. I remained a stay at home mom for five years and in that time I gave birth to our 4th child, my husband built me an art studio and I dreamt of owning my own business. I never really knew what type of business I would open if given the chance. It wasn’t until my husband suggested that I market my jewelry that the idea of the boutique was born. Honestly, a great piece of jewelry can complete a look so a women’s boutique was the natural choice. So, on one miserable Cleveland winter day, my husband noticed I was particularly stir-crazy and suggested that we just do it. Six months later we opened our doors.

When do you sleep?

Honestly, I’ve never been a morning person. Unfortunately, with children that’s not really an option. I get up by 7 a.m. everyday to pack lunches and see my children off to school. I normally don’t get home from the boutique until between 8pm and 9pm depending on the night. With that said, I eat way too late and don’t wine down until even later…so I don’t get nearly enough sleep as I should.

Randy Zuckerberg called it the entrepreneurs dilemma where you can only do three things well: sleep, fitness, work and family. What are your three?

I never really thought about it in terms of just three things but I do think there is truth to her statement. For me family comes first, with all its chaos…lacrosse, gymnastics, homework, chores, movie-nights, etc. Followed closely by work since I am currently at the boutique 6 days a week. Finally, in a distant 3rd place would be studio time. Sadly, sleep is not one of the three things I do well.

Where can we find your business?

We are located at 1983 West 28th Street in the heart of Ohio City, just 2 short blocks west of the historical West Side Market. We can be reached at the boutique at 216-344-0554, via email at [email protected], via FB at, via Twitter at and via Instagram at We also have a website that will offer online ordering very soon at as well as info on upcoming events and private parties.

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