Let Them Struggle

Last month, my little guy started ice skating lessons. Something ordinary that turned out to be extraordinary. He has been asking to go ice skating for awhile, and because my husband and I...

woman looking at landscape and letting go

The Hardship of Letting Go

If I had a dollar for every time someone said to me, “Ugh, just let it go already!” I would definitely be able to pay off the rest of my student loans. Being a sensitive person...

divorced: man and woman on wedding day

The Anniversary Day

Last month was my wedding anniversary, and I am happily divorced. When you’re divorced, it can be a tricky day. If you’re angry or hurt or wishing you were still married, it can be a...

makeup and skin care

Read Carefully

Have you ever taken the time to read the ingredient label on your skincare or make up? Just take a look and see if you can pronounce or know what any of those words are. The first few words...

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