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When my oldest daughter was born, it was love at first sight. I poured my heart into loving and caring for a newborn. Several months into the new mom gig, I started to feel like I was losing a part of my individual identity. Every part of me was wrapped up into being a mom. I felt like I was being selfish if I took anytime to take care of myself.

While I absolutely look back on those infant years fondly, I realize that I should have carved out a little more time for self-care. I’ve come to realize that happy moms make for a happy house. So whenever, I start to feel a little overwhelmed and irritable, I know that I have neglected taking care of myself. While I might lack time on most days to indulge in long moments to myself, I have found ways to weave self-care into my normal routine!


Working out is my number one way to relieve stress! Even when the kids were babies, I tried to get to the gym most days. My kids all got comfortable going to the gym daycare (since they were 6 months old). I do not feel any guilt dropping the kids off at the gym day care. They all absolutely loved going and developed friendships that have lasted into elementary school!

My husband travels a lot, so when the kids were babies especially, this time at the gym was the key to my sanity!

Many days I meet a workout buddy at the gym, which is an added bonus to get in some adult conversation and make the time go faster!

Wake Up Early

This habit began more because of my own sleep pattern than because I was intentionally trying to get up before everyone, but now I absolutely love my quiet time. Some days I am up an hour before everyone and sometimes it’s only 20 minutes. I take the time I can get!

Spend Time with Friends

One of my favorite ways to recharge is to spend time with girlfriends! This is so necessary to me. I love grabbing a cup of coffee or a glass of wine with some of my favorite girlfriends and getting a chance to catch up. This kind of time seriously is a must!  It’s easy to neglect our friendships when family life takes priority. However, friendships are so necessary for mental health and overall happiness.

Pursue Hobbies

We are all so intentional with making sure our kids pursue their interests and passions, that we sometimes neglect our own interests! It’s only been in the last few years I really realized the importance of having my own thing. When you are in the thick of babyhood, there is little time and energy to carve out for personal hobbies. As my kids have gotten older, it has been easier to spend a little time on things I enjoy.

Find your own passions and hobbies and spend time nurturing those as much as you can! Decorating our home has been something I’ve been able to put a little time into the last few years. For many years, our house was filled to the brim with baby gear so I didn’t really focus on making it look pretty. Since we’ve moved on from the baby gear, there is opportunity to make an effort on our home decor.

Besides, home decor I try to carve out time for other creative activities. Sometimes, I get on a baking kick and find enjoyment from making treats.

It is so important for moms (and everyone in general!) to find a passion or a hobby that is perfect for you. Whether that be photography, baking, marathon running, etc. Whatever brings you joy.


I love to get a little pampering like a manicure or pedicure! If I had to choose between a new outfit or a pedicure, often the pedicure would win! It is so nice to step out of the house and get to relax in a spa chair for an uninterrupted hour of indulgence.

Sometimes a nice bath and a cup of tea is a perfect way to get some pampering in without leaving the house. Lately, I’ve been loving picking out a yummy smelling bath bomb and taking a bath after the kids go to bed.


For me, it’s all about balance and some days I have more time for self-care than others. I take what I can and embrace this season of motherhood!

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