Taking Control of My Anxiety

I’ve suffered from anxiety for about three years now. For me, I get this relentless queasy feeling in my stomach. My heart and mind are racing at a million miles a minute.
Sometimes, I feel like I have no control of my thoughts!

Scary stuff, but I’m trying new things to take control of it because I don’t want to let it control me. It’s of course not easy since anxiety’s whole thing is being controlling. But, many things have actually really helped curb it!

1) Journaling – I’m a writer so naturally writing puts me at ease. However, I do a lot of writing for work instead of for myself. Plus, my crazy thoughts fuel my anxiousness. So, I write them down.

2) Meditating – Never thought I’d do something like this. I’m not very spiritual, but my anxiety will literally make me do anything (I’ve gotten up at 5am to work out just to feel relief).  Meditating really feeds the soul and connects you with your emotions. I typed in meditation on YouTube and listened to a powerful video that had me in tears. Meditation for the win!

3) Find the root – This is a tough one. If you’re like me, sometimes I don’t really understand why I’m so anxious. However, as a business owner, I know the pressure of succeeding is constantly on my mind. Doubt and fear are at the forefront. So, I try to tackle that head on whether it be doing something that’s been heavy on my mind or work to change my thinking.

4) Be honest – No matter where you try to hide anxiety will find you. I used to hide it from everyone and even try to hide it from myself. But now, I let people know I’m feeling anxious and give myself acceptance. This is how I feel. Now, what am I going to do about it?

5) Take advantage – This goes along with being honest. I take advantage of my anxiety when I can. My anxiety makes me hyper focused and alert. So, when I’m feeling anxious is a great time to work. Thank my anxiety for this blog post!

It’s never easy being anxious. It can be an awful uncontrollable feeling. But, know that you aren’t alone and find what works for you to control it.

What ways do you deal with anxiety?

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Brittney Moffatt

Brittney Moffatt is a social media and marketing specialist from Cleveland, Ohio. I'm one part pink, sparkles, and girly things. One part nerd who loves writing and play the Sims. And one part black lipstick, rock concerts, and vans. But, all parts fun, ambitious, and dedicated to helping young women!

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