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Have you ever taken the time to read the ingredient label on your skincare or make up? Just take a look and see if you can pronounce or know what any of those words are.

The first few words are what’s most abundant in the product. Usually it’s water or alcohol. Let’s look at Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser that so many doctors recommend for our kids. It has water, cetyl alcohol, Propylene glycol, SLS (sodium Lauryl Sulfate), Stearyl alcohol and three different parabens. That’s it!

But what are these ingredients? We all know water is, but cetyl alcohol weakens the skin and an irritant. It is used to thicken the product and dry the skin. Propylene glycol is an ingredient in antifreeze and a by-product of fossil fuel, but in cosmetics it is used to penetrate the product into the skin. SLS is a foaming agent and has been under fire in the press lately. It has been linked to cancer, skin irritation and endocrine disruption. UGH!

What really sets me off most in this bottle of Cetaphil are three different parabens. Parabens are preservatives. They are used to allow the product to sit on the shelf longer because a product that has water in it can form bacteria and fungus and can then be really harmful. These synthetic chemicals have been linked to cancer. But a great concern is that parabens have been known to disrupt hormone function. Ugh again!

I am not a doctor or a scientist, just a mom who has done a lot of research and looked at labels and decided we don’t need to use these chemicals in or on our bodies. I wanted to join the revolution of people who are demanding transparency in consumer products. Europe does not allow these chemicals in their products. Why do we?

So be aware, read carefully and decide what’s best for you.

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Andrea Pierce-Naymon

I am the founder of OY-L, an all natural skincare line made in Akron. My teenage daughter went misdiagnosed and undiagnosed for two years, so I decided to look into what I could do. I started reading labels on everything and was horrified by all the toxic chemicals in cosmetic, hair care, makeup and household products. So I developed a 100% natural luxury face and body line now sold on

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