Empowered Women Empower Women

Empowered Women Empower Women

This is something I have been looking a lot at lately, as well as trying to define what this looks like. I seem to continue to encounter women who believe the opposite. You know the type… the ones who will throw you under that sale rack at Nordstrom so they can get that last pair of Prada heels on sale without batting an eye? Ok. So maybe you’ve never seen them do that but you know they would if they had the chance, figuratively speaking.

Those that just view you only as competition-  not a human, a friend, acquaintance, co-worker, family member or whatever it may be. Now a little friendly competition obviously never hurt anyone but can we keep it to Mario Kart and Barre class? But the “rip you with my words, suppress your success, throw you under a bus” type of competition is so unnecessary.

This past Saturday at a volunteer event, I watched the leader of the event get chewed and spit out by a woman for no reason at all. She simply just ignored it as she understood that the woman was going through a lot in her life. She handled it with such class and seamless effort. The angry woman’s brutal words did not merit a reply, which is exactly how she responded. She listened intently but gracefully said nothing at all. People will feel the  need to tear you apart, don’t let it bring you down.

We can all succeed together!

Just because I succeed does not mean you can’t. I promise there is room for all of us here, we all bring our own set of strengths to the table, whether we are in the same position or not. Don’t sell yourself so short. If anything, women should be supporting other women in all aspects of life.

So be a daredevil, don’t be scared to go after what you want and conquer the world – but don’t be a “Devil Wears Prada” to get there.

Go after that job, that dream, that outfit you never thought you could wear, but why not bring a friend along for the journey rather than go at it by yourself? I promise it’ll be more fun and less lonely at the top with all the other women there sparkling with you.

<3 MK

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Meg Keo

Born & raised in Cleveland, Ohio. Meg studied Fashion Merchandising and Marketing at Kent State University. Studying as well in Italy I learned about the fashion world hands on. Previous experience includes retail, fine jewelry as well as the beauty industry but my passion remains in helping people feel their best & express themselves through the way they dress.

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  • Hi Meg — Great post. Unfortunately, this is something that has been going on for years but there is a silver lining. I do see it less and less (possibly because I am getting old). I always try to remember where this stemmed from — and in my opinion, it all began in the years where you were lucky if there was ONE open seat at a table for a female. So the women inside that business did whatever they could to get that seat. It was a life changing moment for them (financially) so I can understand how this culture began. But I agree — times are changing! There are now more (I wouldn’t say plenty) of seats open and we need to work together to create room for additional seats as we fill each one. I’m hoping we will continue to see more collaboration and less competition. We are all stronger when we stand together. Thanks for blogging for us!

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