Meaningful Resolutions to Make Anytime in 2018

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Ah, it’s March the dawn of Spring and perhaps the time you start to realize your New Year’s resolutions haven’t panned out quite like you thought.

In my opinion, New Year’s resolutions are so overrated. No offense to anyone who makes resolutions every year and sticks to them, but you are the minority. Unfortunately, I am part of the large and significant failing resolutioners group. But this year I’ve noticed society has tossed traditional resolutions to the side and has began to focus on more important things. So, if your New Year’s resolutions of working out everyday and eating kale have fallen to the wayside, here are some of the most meaningful resolutions you can commit yourself to at any point during the year!

Being a Good Person

For the first time (basically ever), I’ve noticed people are trying to be better. They’re talking about how they want to be nicer and more helpful to their friends, family, strangers and better to themselves. I have noticed the ‘trend’ of acting like you don’t care about anyone or anything besides yourself is over. FINALLY. And I am so relieved. Loving others, knowing self-worth and making 2018 the best year yet is huge in the social world.

It appears 2017 was not a favorite, nor positive year for a lot of people and instead of moping, people are working on turning around perspectives this year.

Actually Giving a Damn

This is the most amazing movement to me. Millennials have been labeled as “the generation that doesn’t care about anything”, and our elders believe this generation basically sucks, we care too much about avocado toast and have zero work ethic. But 2018 might just help change this!

Social media has been discussing serious issues, such as how we should actually vote or get involved in local issues now that we’re citizens who should contribute to society instead of simply existing. I’ve witnessed young adults supporting the Time’s Up movement, reacting to political statements and posting meaningful content on their personal social platforms. Reading to become better educated and informed is back in fashion. This is huge. If people are giving a damn in 2018, then that’s a definite step in the right direction for society.

Knowing Healthy Living is Not Weight Loss

Being healthy – the big resolution trend that’s been around for years, but continues to grow. Society started realizing that being healthy doesn’t mean losing weight as quickly as possible.

‘Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy life’ is the perfect motto for those searching for a better body or general happiness. Knowing there’s balance in a healthy lifestyle is extremely important.

As awesome as it used to be to see the gym flooded with newcomers during January, (but back to the regulars in February) I’m hoping this year will be a better blend. It’s 2018, so why do gym regs still believe they have ownership over the gym? That’s not a thing.

Instead, drinking enough water, eating right, doing some facemasks and squeezing in workouts a few times a week is more important in 2018, and hopefully a lot of people come to this realization to continue this trendy New Year’s resolution all year round. It’s never too late to recommit. Happiness is healthier (and more potent) than being super skinny.

The best part of this year so far is the positivity and dedication behind common trends. The determination to make this year better than the last is an excellent resolution that everyone should continue for life.

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