I Can Love My Country and Hate My President

This Memorial Day weekend, as every Memorial Day Weekend, our radios and social feeds were filled with pictures and stories remembering the troops. The brave men and women who either continue to fight or have fought, and more tragically have given their lives, so that we can all have the freedoms we often take for granted every day. There were parades all over our cities to celebrate these amazing men and women. 

It’s heart wrenching at every level. I cry every time I see a story – and I have several veterans in my family and each year I call them and thank them for their service. I consider them all heroes and am so grateful for what they gave, continue to give and sacrifice for me and all of us. Truly.

But by many – I am considered UN-American. Or a hypocrite. Or disrespectful. Why? Because I vocally express my dislike, and often disgust with our President. And with many others in politics (especially members of Congress who refuse to do anything about our gun control problem).

Now, my goal with this post is not to debate my political views – I respect that everyone is entitled to their own.  I believe everyone is entitled to a view within this country. Land of the FREE means exactly that to me – this country doesn’t force beliefs on anyone (religious, political, etc.). 

What baffles me is that there were many people in this country who were against and who constantly bashed Obama while he was in office. I would even hear racist remarks about our President during his term; yet those people were never called UN-American. They were simply vocalizing their disappointment with the changes being made.

So how is it that I am not worthy of being called an American when I speak out against Trump? It doesn’t make sense. And I have spoken to so many veterans and troops who claim that they fought for me (and for all  of us) to have the right to disagree, to peacefully protest and to voice our opinions.

Yet it’s often the person who has never served, never stepped foot in combat who are tearing people down for standing up for what they believe in. 

I am hoping this year is different. We have a flag on our property and I am proud of being an American. We will attend the parade in our city and I will thank any veteran or current member of our troops (as I do every time I see them). And I will remind my children of how important this day is to honor the rights we have and the people who ensured we keep them.

I hope today we can all be considered Americans and be proud that we all have the freedom to voice our opinions, voice our passions and stand (or kneel) for what we believe in.  It’s why I love this country. Whether I hate or President or not.

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