How to Travel with Kids

The holidays are some of the busiest times of year to travel. Are you ready to make a trip with your kids in tow? It’s possible to create a smooth trip even if your little ones are some of your most precious cargo. If you’re a travel pro or beginner, follow these simple steps to stay thankful and merry this holiday season.

Bring snacks. Nothing is worse than a hangry child. Pack a few snacks like peanut butter crackers or pretzels. Keep them handy and accessible. Same goes for water. Someone will get thirsty.

Let them help. Tell your kids what items are essential to bring. Give simple suggestions such as sweatshirt, sneakers, toothbrush, etc. Simple things are best, so they can easily assist in the packing process without struggling.

Pack something to do. When my family travels, my kids bring their own backpack and they fill it with items to keep them busy. iPads usually top their list, but they also like to bring card games (UNO is a fave) and a cozy item like a blanket or stuffed animal. And, don’t forget earbuds! No one wants to hear Paw Patrol or Kidz Bop on repeat for hours.

Pack travel essentials. I make sure my handbag contains baby and sanitizing wipes, Kleenex, Purell, Band-Aids, Chapstick, etc. Because #momlife.

Share travel plan. Kids ask lots of questions. Help clear uncertainty by explaining your travel route in advance of your trip.

  • Going by plane? Tell them (or give a refresh) about the security process – including purpose of K9 security, length of flight, how you’re getting to and from the airport, etc.
  • Going by car? Give them a check list of landmarks or city names to find along the way, and remind them of the length of the drive.

Think about the unthinkable. Contemplate a plan to move quickly through high-traffic and accessible areas, like baggage claim at an airport. If something scary happens, tell your kids what you expect them to do (i.e., drop everything and run, and look for helpers). I despise having to write this, but I feel it’s imperative, especially in today’s environment.

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