Blogging for Business 101: 5 Tips for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Start Blogging

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This past weekend, She In The CLE and Your Local Girl Gang partnered up for workshop for entrepreneurs about how to start a blog for your business at the new Lake Arts Studio. The workshop brought together 20 fabulous female entrepreneurs ready to start their blogging adventures.

entrepreneurs ready to learn how to start a blog for your business

A few of the fabulous female entrepreneurs who joined our Blogging for Business 101 workshop!

The workshop was incredibly engaging and our audience had fantastic questions about how to starting a blog. Here are 5 tips these entrepreneurs learned before they started their blog.

1. Know why you want to start blogging.

Blogging can drive incredible results. But do you know why you’re doing it? Are you looking to gain awareness? Increase website traffic? Drive sales? Build your newsletter list? What’s your ultimate goal?

It’s important to decide why you want to blog before you start because blogging is time intensive and takes time to see results.

2. Develop content that will engage and help your audience.

Do you know what your audience’s biggest challenges are? What keeps them up at night? Understanding these things will help you create content that will keep your audience reading your blog and ultimately drive business results.

3. Optimize your blog up for success.

Using the right platform to host your blog? Surprisingly, some businesses have their blog hosted on a separate platform than their business platform. There are pros and cons to all platforms, the important thing is that it works for you and your business. Check out this helpful guide to find the right platform for you!

Also make sure to optimize your content so that search engines like Google can find them. Check out’s Beginner’s Guide to SEO to help get you started.

4. Engage your audience consistently.

Blogging takes time, effort and consistency. Make sure you’re posting at least once a week to keep your content fresh and your audience coming back. Additionally, it’s important to post your content on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Use a content calendar to help keep yourself on track with your blogs and social media posts.

5. Measure, test and learn to drive results.

Remember when you identified why you started blogging? Are you measuring whether you’re achieving that goal? Make sure to track your analytics regularly so that you know what works and what doesn’t. Using tools like Google Analytics and your platform’s site stats can help you stay on track!

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Maria LeFebre, Your Local Girl Gang; Katelyn Stiver, She In The CLE; Shibani Faehnle, She In The CLE; Danielle DiBenedetto. How to start a blog for your business

Maria LeFebre, Your Local Girl Gang; Katelyn Stiver, She In The CLE; Shibani Faehnle, She In The CLE; Danielle DiBenedetto, Lake Arts Studio

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  • Great tips! Thanks for sharing these blogging tips.It can really help entrepreneurs on how to start and use their blogs effectively for their business. Blogging is an effective relationship building tool – blog content has the ability to provide real value for consumer. It can’t only increase traffic but it can also drive sales for your business.

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