Why Your Mindset Needs to Shift to Successfully Grow Your Brand

There’s a rhyme and reason to the success behind companies (big and small) that have a strong brand presence. The word “brand” is used in many different contexts and depending on what you’re reading and who’s dishing it out, these reasons may not seem clear to you. So, let’s break it down…why your brand requires a serious mindset shift in order for your business to be successful!

First, let’s start with a quick recap of what your brand is, and no offense to Webster, but this is the evolving definition I’ve landed on after helping business owners design and launch theirs:


(b-r-AND•): Your business’s identity.

Simple, yet true. Is your mind blown yet?

Your initial answer probably included something about the logo, am I right?
You’re not alone! But the truth is, your brand has many working pieces, the logo being just one.

Think about what encompasses your identity as an individual. Is it your face? Is it your driver’s license number? What about your personality? Belief system? I could go on, but I think you get the point.

Your brand is the same idea. If you shift your mindset around your brand being a more intricate working system, you start to unlock a lot of clarity around your business.

But you might be thinking. “What does that encompass? How do I find out?”

It looks like this…
Doing foundational work around your WHY, ideal client, and defining brand tone and values – All pieces that help your brand grow with you, and are great anchors for you to assess your business growth along the way.

I call these steps the beginning. Because I mean, you can’t sell Tupperware if you’ve never used Tupperware or know how it affects your customer’s life, right?

It is not enough to provide a product or service – you have to sell it. A well-defined brand can do that for you.

These pieces make up your brand identity and define the essence of your business. So, it makes sense to do the foundation work before you create WHAT it looks like, right?

After you’re confident with the details you’ve defined, THEN you can design what it looks like (i.e. the logo, color palette, marketing materials, website, etc.). Businesses that don’t do foundational work first are the ones attempting to rebrand every year hoping it will drive more sales.

Delicious donuts for birthday on pastel pink background.

So, where do the rhyme and reason that I mentioned at the beginning of this post come into play? Glad you asked.

Reason is the foundation of your brand: why you’re showing up to sell your service or product and the bigger vision or purpose behind that.

Once you’ve done this work, you will feel a new found clarity around your business like never before – a rhyme, if you will. And this clarity leads to confidence. And you know what they say about a woman standing in her confidence and power, right?

She becomes unstoppable.

So in closing, try shifting your mindset around the power of your brand. Let it make sales for you and imagine what that might like for your business. It may just be that pivotal piece that drives your business growth beyond your wildest dreams.

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Jennah Lear

Jennah Lear is a Cleveland State University graduate with a business background from The Kauffman Foundation. She owns Blue Loui Studio, located in Lakewood, OH. As a Branding Designer, she works with business owners and entrepreneurs to co-create impactful design for purpose-driven brands that tell their story, attract soul-aligned clients, AND increase their bottom line. Jennah is fiercely devoted to empowering women and promoting confidence in all aspects of life and business. She knows it starts with believing in yourself; when you do that, magical things start to happen.

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