3 Steps to Help Your Teen Start the School Year Off Strong

Back to School is here! Do you want your teenager to have more academic success with less stress?

Help your teen start the school year off strong with these 3 must-do steps:

Step #1 Encourage your teen to use their planner daily. 

Having an easy and dependable system to keep track of daily homework and upcoming tests/quizzes is a must! If your teen has “no homework” in a certain class, they can write “no homework” for that class in their planner to avoid confusion later if they forget. Make sure they also look at their planner each day after classes are done. The first step is to write things down. The next step is to follow through and complete the tasks!

Step #2: Explain the importance of good relationships with teachers.

 In order to be successful, your teen needs to learn how to ask for help and how to take feedback. Instead of being scared of their teachers, teens need realize that their teachers are on their side.  They both want the same thing, which is for your teen to learn and be successful in that class. If your teen is  serious about being more successful, they must learn to communicate well with the person who is running the class. 

Step #3: Help your teen develop good study habits.

First things first: your teen will need to know when a test will take place, the types of questions that will be included and the topics that will be covered. Next, they need to create a study plan and allow enough time to prepare. Experiment until you find a way to study that works best for your teen. Ask your teen the following questions about their study preferences.

Think about your study preferences. How do you work best?

-Study in silence or listen to music?

-Take a break before studying or study as soon as you get home from school?

-Study in the same spot or change it up?

-Work alone or in a group?

Take a moment to imagine what’s possible if you follow these steps. Happy back to school!

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Natalie Borrell

Natalie Borrell is a school psychologist and academic life coach for high school students. It is her mission to motivate teenagers to discover their potential and to dream big!
Through private coaching sessions and workshops, she teaches teenagers new ways of thinking about their lives and encourages them to push through limiting beliefs that may be holding them back from achieving their goals and dreams.
When she’s not working to better the world one teen a time, you can find her on Pinterest, pretending to be a dinosaur with her toddler son, or reading cookbooks word for word like they were novels.

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